Why Women Carry Bags

Hand bags are essential companion for most women, who swear that they need them for numerous reasons.

Women and hand bags are like inseparable friends. For a woman, no outfit is complete without a bag. That is because it adds allure to her appearance. Available in a variety of styles and designs, hand bags serve for different purposes as well. Just like different clothes are worn for various occasions, bags are also selected to suit different events. Here is what a bag is to a woman.

leather handbag

Hand bags means style and not just something to be carried around

According to design specialists, no outfit is complete without an appropriate bag. And that is the reason why they come in different colours, shapes and sizes – to be matched with different clothing.

There are clutch bags, hobo bags, messenger bags, tote bags and many other bags. A tote bag usually features various pockets and some zipper pockets on the inside. They are great to be used for different occasions because they are often elegant and graceful. While messenger bags were used before for transporting things, nowadays they are usually associated with young women.

Clutch hand bags are often used for formal occasion like dinner parties or banquet. Traditionally they have no handles or straps and is carried in the hand. The hobo bag has an unique crescent-shaped design. It looks very stylish and feminine and its handle lengths vary, allowing you to decide if you want to wear it drop out to your chest line, or to your waist or to your hips. Depending on its design, it can worn for formal or casual occasions.

Hand bags can bring a lot of comfort and enhance a woman’s confidence

Aside of adding self esteem to a woman personality, a hand bag can be used to protect valuable items such as phones, cash, jewelry, make-up-kits, etc. Because women’s outfits usually have smaller pockets than that of men, and sometimes any at all, and because women tend to carry more things around than men, a hand bag brings comfort in allowing a woman to carry whatever she wants to any place she goes.

Handbags are known to help attract men’s attention easily

According to researches, some men see the beauty of a woman from how her bag complement her outfit. And that is one more reason why women can not leave without hand bags. And that doesn’t mean they spend all their money on hand bags. Women tend to invest in quality bags that can last over a period of time as well as suitable for different occasions.

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