What’s Replica Furniture and What Makes It a Smart Choice?

There is a big amount of furniture on the market, and if it’s a vintage original design piece, you can expect them to be quite pricey. But there is a legal, cheaper alternative ‘replica furniture’. But how is it legal you might ask? Well, what ‘replica furniture’ is and more, down below.

replica bar stools

Australia’s law of copyright and registration of designs lasts only 10 years, after which it is allowed for a product to be manufactured without permission if the reproducer advertises that the product is a ‘replica’. Reproducers of replica furniture usually manufacture designs from famous designers from the 20th century such as Hans J. Wagner, Charles Eames, Arne Jecobsen and more.

Cheaper Price-tag

On the average budget we can probably allow ourselves to buy a single original piece of furniture, but it would be quite hard to furnish an entire house with originals. The perk of buying a replica instead of an original vintage is the major difference in price. Vintage replicas can be found for just a couples of dollars as oppose to the originals that can range from $500 and higher (the price grows with time and there are some products that cost $1000^). In the end you’re paying more money just because of a brand name as opposed to quality.

Quality Re-builds

Replica qualities range from ‘good, better and best’ to give a variety of prices, for any buyer budget. They are usually made from cheaper materials as oppose to originals but that doesn’t mean that they are less sturdy (since they follow the same design). Designers actually recommend replicas rather then originals just for the mere reason that they are cheaper and just as well built.

Personal Furnishing

If you want to spruce up your home or your bar with bar stools, why pay thousands of dollars, replica bar stools are available on the market that will serve the exact same purpose. But why stop there, replica sofas, replica kitchens there is an array of furniture that is cheap and can make your house or business look professional and stylish for a lower budget.

The only downside of buying those replica bar stools is the after use selling price. If you buy vintage furniture you can sell them later on for a higher price, for replicas this benefit doesn’t apply. But at the end of the day if you do their function, it won’t be a problem throwing them away after a few years of service.

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