What is a Spiritual Reading?

Spiritual reading

People usually consider consulting a psychic or a medium when they are experiencing problems of a personal nature and when they want to understand the outcome of their current situation or problem.

Spiritual readings can provide intuitive guidance and clarity and they can assist you in your personal growth. Spiritual readings are usually conducted by mediums which can establish contact with your deceased loved ones, as well as guardians, angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings.

All mediums are psychic and they can use their psychic abilities and spirit guides to see things from someone’s past life and explain their significance in present life. Some mediums are also skilled in other types of divination such as astrology, Tarot card reading, shamanism, scrying, dreams, etc. All of these skills can be helpful to a good spiritual reading, but they are not always necessary.

What types of abilities Mediums have?

Mediums can have different types of psychic abilities. While some of them use all of these abilities, others use only one. Here are the most common types of abilities mediums can have:

Clairvoyance – the ability to see things that are not physically present, including people, animals, and objects.

Clairsentience – the ability to feel sensations instilled by spirits or the ability to have an impression of what the spirits want to communicate.

Clairaudience – the ability to hear the voices or the thoughts of the spirits.

Clairalience – the ability to smell the spirits. Some mediums are able to smell the spirit’s favorite fragrance or cigarette smoke if the deceased person was a heavy smoker during life.

Claircognizance – the ability to know something without receiving it through the five normal senses. This is known to us as “intuition” or “gut feeling” and it is an ability that most people experience in their lifetime. The feeling that you already know who is calling when the phone rings or the feeling that a certain thing or a person is wrong for you, are all good examples of Claircognizance.

Clairgustance – the ability to receive taste impressions from the spirits.

What to expect from spiritual readings?

Spiritual readings are not “fortune telling” and they should never be threatening or frightening for the clients. They should provide healing and guidance as well as information that is empowering and useful in creating a happier life.

During a reading with a medium or a psychic, you will receive spiritual guidance that will help you to recognize inner truths. This insight and the level of information you will receive can be a helpful tool you can use to improve your life.

Each spiritual reader has their own way of interpreting the information they receive through their spirits. Your reading will also be influenced by the personality of the medium. Some mediums are able to translate the information they receive in a language that is easy to understand, while others choose to share this information in a dramatic manner.

Spiritual guidance often confirms information that you may already sense, so if this happens it is a sign that you are already tuning into your own intuition for guidance and personal empowerment.

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