What Are the Benefits of Dog Clothing?

Taking care of a dog requires a lot of responsibility and you find this out as soon as you welcome your furry friend home. It’s certainly an experience that teaches you how to be responsible, taking care of feeding hours and walks, as well as how to make decisions for the best of your dog even if you don’t always like them.

For this last aspect I would use the example of the versatile dog clothing that not all owners are up for. I know many would argue that it’s tacky and even dangerous for the health of the dog as in the example of dressing it up in a sweater when it’s hot outside, yet when chosen well and used properly it can be highly beneficial. It’s not only fashionable, you see!

Much like our clothing, it’s created to be of help and protect your dog from the weather elements. For instance, the wide range of jumpers and coats are ideal for keeping your dog warm and comfy, more so in the case of smaller, older dogs or dogs without much fur.

Likewise, in case of an allergic issue, it would decrease the scratching, licking and most of all cut the irritation, resulting in speeding up the recovery. When the weather is sunny putting on a cooling vest is a great way to offer protection from the UV rays, preventing sunburns along with boots to cover up the sensitive paws. Furthermore, this type of clothing is crucial for thermoregulation too!

In other instances such as going camping or taking walks during rains dog clothing is essential to protect the dog from the rain even though some would rather just opt to walk without raincoats despite the fact not all dogs are fond of rain to begin with. Think of it this way: why miss a day or days of walks because of the rain when a simple raincoat could be the solution?

Also, no matter whether the weather is dry or wet, the point is dogs easily get dirty, they love running and rolling in dirt, and unlike cats they don’t clean themselves up so you’d expect to give more baths than usual unless you count on the help of clothing for cleanliness. And then, of course, the aspect of visibility.

You’d be surprised how many accidents could easily be avoided when the dog is wearing a visibility vest, an especially important outfit for walks in the night or when you’re hiking outdoors and you let your dog roam free without the leash. Give clothing a chance if you haven’t already!

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