Ways To Style A Cardigan

The cardigan. The most important segment of the modern woman’s winter outfit collection. Sincerely, wearing a cardigan can say a lot about the person wearing it, particularly the way it is worn. Womens cardigans are the parts of women’s closets that give the most out of freedom when it comes to cardigan wearing styles. From turning the cardigan into a sweet strapless top to tying it up around the waist, there is definitely the ideal way to wear a cardi for every stylish lady.

If you are a huge fan of womens cardigans, but have no much experience in experimenting different wearing styles, keep reading and boost your knowledge with some quite interesting, yet modern ways to style a cardigan.

womens cardigans

  • East Coast Prepster
    If men can look sexy by turning to the popular preppy style, the 21st century women can also look tremendously attractive if wearing their favourite cardigans in east coast prepster style. Moreover, when wearing the cardi in this way, you will have your shoulders warm on chilly days, and you will be also provided with an extra layer of cloth when you need it the most.
  • Hoodie Chic
    Wearing a woman’s hoodie does not necessarily mean that you have to look like you have just rolled out of bed. That is a big no-no for a stylish woman. But, if you still want to preserve that decent ‘hoodie’ look when wearing a cardigan, you can wear it over a light zip-up hoodie and you are all set to rock the streets.
  • Be My Valentine
    Oh, is it Valentine’day that is soon-to-be again? And each year you are burdened with the paramount question: ‘What should I wear?’ Well, be stress-free, because having an elegant cardigan in your closet always comes in handy. Tuck it into a beautiful, big belt to get a layered look that will perfectly show off your sexy figure.
  • Strapless Sweetheart
    You can also get a fancy, sweetheart-neckline look with your cardi if you put it on backwards, then pull it down to have the cardi’s neck around the top of your chest. Final step is to tie its sleeves around the front, and you are ready to go!
  • Patriotic Party Dress
    No, you do not have to look that patriotic, but you can definitely achieve a playful look if you tie up your cardigan over a dress. And that’s it, as simple and easy as it sounds. Just make sure the colour of the dress and the cardigan match.
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