Top 5 Mini Micro Scooters For The Best Price

Nowadays we can see mini micro scooters everywhere – some parks even offer scooter stands for kids to park their scooters while they play. Although they all seems to look the same, they come with different features. For example, mini micro scooters that feature only one wheel at the front can make steering very difficult for toddlers while models that have very narrow wheelbase at the back can make them unstable and difficult for toddlers to keep upright.

While quality and features matter to some, but others are more focus in finding the mini micro scooter best price. Below we provide the top 5 mini micro scooter for the best price.

#1 – Mini Micro Scooter – $139,95


The mini scooter is designed for preschoolers and it is ideal for developing their co-ordination, balance and motor skills. Manufactured with a lightweight reinforced plastic it is easy to maneuver and easy on children’s shins and ankles. Because it is very low to the ground, it makes easy to kick without falling. The unique three wheel scooter design and the T-bar steering column provides stability and safety to young kids as they learn to steer.

#2 – Maxi Micro Scooter – $ 199.95


The maxi micro scooter has all the great features of the mini micro, but it is built for school aged kids. Things that differ the max micro from the mini micro are adjustable handle per height and stronger wider deck.

#3 – Micro Flex Scooter – $249,95


Designed for those with experience, the flex scooter features big wheels (145mm), which provides stability at speed, a flexible deck for suspension and a very smooth ride.

#4– Micro Black Scooter – $299.95


The micro black is designed especially for those who want the ultimate commuting tool on the busy streets and the school run. Featuring a large 200mm wheel, this scooter is perfect for longer distance with minimum effort. Unlike other big wheeled scooter models, the micro black come with a much lower footplate, which prevents any unnatural curvature of the spine.

#5 – Micro Monster Bullet Scooter – $299.95


The monster bullet is the perfect scooter for those looking for a lot of fun and for those who love higher speeds and the carving turns. It features meaty curved rubber wheels that grip into the corners and the rear wheel comes with a ‘carving’ mechanism that allows pretty tight turns.

When shopping online, in case you need some advice on which mini micro scooter best price and best model to choose, you can call or email an online retailer and they will answer you back. If you decide to buy your scooter from a brick and mortar store, feel free to ask the sales person for help.

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