Time to Jump Ship: Switching from Crib to Toddler Bed

Is your toddler climbing out his/her crib again and again? It may be time to graduating him/her from the crib to a toddler bed. While this may sound exciting, it is also a big move for your child and it may make your little one feel insecure. For a toddler, this is a new skill that they need to get used to it.

To help you make your child crib-to-toddler-bed-transition as smooth as possible, here are some valuable tips that we’ve collected from parents that have graduated this step.

Best Time to Make the Transition
While this will largely depend from child to child, experts advise to leave your child in their crib for as long as possible (ideally until three years of age). At this age, a child’s comprehension level to follow the bedtime rules and actually stay in bed is much higher than at younger ages.

Picking the Bed
Instead of just picking a bed for your child and surprising him/her at home, get him/her involved in the process. It will make the idea of changing bed much for fun and exciting for your child, at the same, help him/her understand that he/she will be using the new bed.

Keep Safety in Mind
If your child tends to turn a lot, you may want considering getting toddler bed rails to prevent nighttime falls. When your toddler sleep in the crib there is no fear of your baby falling out of it because the crib has barriers to prevent falls. However, accidents may start to happen once your toddler starts to use a toddler bed without bed rails. A great benefit of toddler bed rails is that they allow your little one to climb in and out of the bed without any help. Simply said, installing bed rails in your toddler bed will provide your child a safety barrier that will allow both of you to sleep peacefully at night.

Be Persistent
Experts recommend that anytime there is a change of something new in a child’s life to keep as much of their normal routine as possible. So, keep your child usual bedtime routine, making sure he/she have all their ‘comfort’ objects like a favorite teddy bear, and avoid making too many exceptions regarding bedtime rules. The more consistent you are with what they are supposed to do, the smoother the transition crib to bed will be.

Before you make a crib to toddler bed transition talk with our child about what is going to happen. Make the situation seem exciting and include your child in the process. This will make the transition fun and easier for both of you!

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