The Different Types of Shade Structures and Their Benefits

A shade structure as the name refers is any structure that provides shade from the sun. They are available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials so finding one that will meet your needs perfectly is an easy task. The shape of shade canopies depends on the space they need to cover. For example, for a garage, most of the shade covers are cantilever shaped while for picnic table pavilions they usually have a hexagonal, square or rectangular shape to provide coverage from all angles.

shade tent

When it comes to colours, shade canopies can be mixed and match to suit any environment. For instance, for a pool or restaurant can be used shades in more neutral colours while for theme parks more colourful structures are a better choice. Mixing the colours especially for the roof can help you create more appealing poolside, pavilion, dining setting or playground. When it comes to the structural part, shade covers are made of lightweight breathable material which allows for airflow, plastic which is an inexpensive option for poolside areas and pavilions and metal which is the most expensive one but is the strongest, aesthetically pleasing and most durable.

shade canopies

Shade canopies are easy to move and easy to install. They can be installed even after a project is complete, like adding shade to a playground or included in initial project design. Regardless of what you need to cover, shade structures will provide your outdoor area with some great benefits.

  • Reduce the exposure to UV rays – We are all familiar with what comes if you stay exposed for too long to the sun, especially during the summer. But even during cloudy days and cooler weather, the sun can cause damage which means we need to protect ourself from the sun during the whole year-round. Prolonged exposure can significantly increase the risk of skin cancer. You can reduce this risk and prolong your stay outdoors simply by adding a shade structure.
  • Keeps area cooler – As we mentioned above in this article, shade canopies are usually made of lightweight and breathable material which allows for air to pass. Thanks to this the underneath area stay cooler compared to areas under structures made of metal or wood.
  • Protection from the elements – Not only it will keep you protected from the harmful UV rays, but outdoor canopies will also provide you with protection from the wind, snow and rain. More quality options of shade structures are designed with high-quality materials that provide almost 60-70% water runoff. So there are fewer chances that the rain will ruin your stay outdoor.
  • Extend outdoor time – Since these structures provide great protection from the elements means you will be able to enjoy more time outdoors. You can extend your picnic time and kids can play longer under the shade as they will feel more cool and comfortable. An outdoor area equipped with portable shade encourages families and friends to gather longer feeling comfortable.
  • Equipment protection – No matter what is underneath, the shade structure will keep it protected from the elements. For instance, many car dealerships use them to protect their inventory from hail. They are a perfect solution because they are low cost and offer a great level of protection. Also, using one on your outdoor area will keep your outdoor furniture save from sun and rain so you don’t need to move it anytime the weather changes.

shade canopy

Local parks, homes and playgrounds are the most popular places where shade structures find their use, but actually you can see them in numerous other places. Here are just a few of them.

  • Auto dealerships – These simple and inexpensive shades provide a lot of benefits to open car lots at auto dealerships. They keep the inventory protected from the weather damage and they also can increase curb appeal helping to attract customers.
  • Childcare centres and schools – These places need to follow specific child safety requirements so they can provide kids with a safe place to stay and play. Shade structures can help these places to protect young children and students from the harmful UV rays offering them a comfortable place for playing and eating outdoors.
  • Hotels and resorts – Places like this usually have an outdoor pool or bar/dining area which makes them ideal for installing shade canopies. They can provide additional style and comfort to any lounge area, swimming pool or patio bar.
  • Restaurants and bars – Sunshade structures can help restaurants and bars to attract more customers. These structures can help the owners to turn their outdoor area into a comfortable open-air seating where guests can enjoy.

No matter you need a little shade for your outdoor living area or for your business, outdoor canopy tents are the most effective and inexpensive solution.

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