The 3 Best iPhone Belkin Cases to Protect Your Hefty Investment

It passed so many time from the launching of the first iPhone. Today there are plenty of them on the market in an array of sizes. They are all equipped with some amazing specifications and great design which greatly affects their price. So, because owning an iPhone is not cheap at all, it is more than important to provide your device with some great protection. Fortunately, today this is an easy thing to be done as there are so many phone cases out there all coming from different brands, with their own pros and cons. But speaking of the iPhone, there is one brand that just stands above the rest – Belkin.

A Belkin case will fit your phone like a glove and will provide it with the best possible protection against life’s knocks. However, the brand has launched many different cases on the market, so which one to choose for your device may be a bit confusing. No matter which model of Belkin case you select, you can be sure you are making the best choice possible. But in case you need some help, here are few models that you may want to take in mind.

SheerForce Elite Protective Case

Choose this case if you want to protect your phone in style. It is an extra durable case made with a sturdy material that is easy to grip so you can be peace of mind that your phone is safe. The strong polycarbonate material combines the shock-absorbing properties of rubber and resilience of plastic. It offers great drop performance and the raised edges prevent damage to your screen when your phone is placed downside. It offers protection from scratches, abrasions and scuffs and it is a part of Balkin’s colour matching accessory collection where all cases come with metallic accents to celebrate the finish and colour of the iPhone. The UV resistance ensures that the case will not yellow or fade after being exposed to sunlight.

Air Protect SheerForce Pro Case

This case features high abrasion and UV resistance so it can remain clean without being discoloured over time. It is a lightweight and invisible, tactile and responsive to push and click buttons. It offers great protection in case of dropping your phone due to its dual-layer PC frame and the raised bevelled edge offers screen protection from tabletop scratching. This Belkin case is strong and beautiful. It is elegant and it keeps your iPhone protected using Air Protect Technology. The high gloss finish and the few different colours of the case mean protection without compromising the feel and look of your iPhone. It is made for iPhone 7 but is also compatible with iPhone 8. With unrestricted access to all ports and responsive buttons, this slim and strong case keeps your phone portable, lightweight, and above all, protected.

SheerForce InvisiGlass Case

This case designed to fit both, iPhone 7 and 8 offer advanced scratch protection. Shock-absorbent sides survive impact and drops without adding bulk and the clear look of the case will not compromise the elegant style of your iPhone. The case is designed to be UV-resistant so no matter how much you exposed it to sunlight it will stay clear and nice. Also, the material is smudging and dirt resistant maintaining a beautiful level of clarity. This model of Belkin case was designed with wireless charging in mind what makes it compatible with Belkin Qi wireless chargers. Accidents do happen, but having your iPhone placed in a this Belkin case you can be peace of mind knowing your device has a protective shield.

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