Talking About CPAP Equipment Cleaning Tips

Regular maintaining and cleaning your CPAP equipment is crucial part of treating your sleep apnea. You certainly have been thought how to appropriate maintain and clean your equipment when it was delivered to you for the first time. If you have use your CPAP equipment to treat your sleep apnea for a while, it can be easy to forget a few steps or overlook some important cleaning and maintenance considerations all together. If you just had started of using CPAP, you might feel a little overwhelmed and find out that you don’t remember every step that was though to you when you received your equipment for the first time. However, it is a good idea to make a few checks and make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done, in order to keep your CPAP equipment clean and functional.

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Taking proper care of your CPAP equipment is must and it takes time, so make sure you have enough of it in order to do this job right. Sometimes, you may feel like you are spending a lot of your free time doing cleaning, but remember how better you will feel after you use the machine. Also, you can do much more in a day when you treat your sleep apnea properly, so the required time for cleaning may not look like a burden at all. In order to avoid any risks of getting shocked, ensure you are unplug the CPAP machine before you start with the cleaning.


soap-and-waterWhen you wake up in the morning, you’ll certainly need to take couple of minutes to do fast CPAP equipment cleaning. The parts of your machine that needs everyday cleaning are the tubing and the mask. You should wash it only with warm water and soft soap. After washing, set the parts aside and let them to dry off completely, so you can use them again when you go to sleep.

Water Chamber

Water chamber is another part of your equipment that need daily attention. This part needs to be washed every morning with water and soap and then use a clean water to rinse the chamber so it can be ready for next use. Generally this part requires more thoroughly weekly cleaning. For this process, make a mix of one part vinegar and two parts clean water. Left this solution to stay for a while in the chamber and after that, rinse it with distilled water.


The mask is very important part of your CPAP equipment that also needs a daily cleaning. The cleaning process depends on the type of your mask. Generally, you will need to remove the seal, cushion and the headgear from the frame before start with cleaning. You should wipe the cushion with wet clean cloth and never submerge it in water. For cleaning the frame of your mask and the silicone seal all you need is just soapy warm water. Leave each piece to dry off naturally. To wash your headgear use warm water and soap on a weekly basis.

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