Surfing Gadgets and Accessories That You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Surfing is an enjoyable experience itself, but with the right accessories on hand, it can be even better. Surfing is not possible without the board that’s for sure, but as a new surfer, you may become surprised form the number of different pieces of equipment and accessories you may need. All of them designed to improve your surfing experience and suit the individual needs of surfers. Before you even start shopping, getting familiar with the different brands of surfing equipment will certainly make things easier. Australia has always had connotations of sand, beaches and the sun and with the desirable climate comes to the necessary surf brands. Australia has some of the world’s leading brands in this industry. Being beginner means you don’t know many of them and even if you have heard about a few you may don’t know which one to relay one when shopping for surfing equipment.


One of the largest and most popular brands for surfing equipment in Australia is definitely Ocean n Earth. The brand was established in the late 70s by two surfers. By the middle to the late 80s, the product range of Ocean n Earth has grown significantly including a vast array of surfing accessories, backpacks and small range of clothing. With time the company branched Australia wide and all around the world become the world’s largest manufacturer of surfboard covers and ropes. So if you are planning a long-awaited surging trip and need a piece of equipment you can trust, look no further than this brand.

Another name you can consider is Byron Rashie, specifically when you need a rashie or swimsuit. They provide rashies with long sleeve design and hood that offer protection from sun and wind. Also, in their range, you can find some beautiful one-sleeved swimsuits designed to keep your skin freckle and cancer-free. If you are female then consider Roxy which offers a great line of women’s surfing equipment and clothing. The brand sponsors some of the world’s greatest female surfers and by supporting Roxy you are supporting the future of women in this sport.

  • Surfboard

You can not surf without having the surfboard under your feet. It is definitely the most important piece of equipment you will buy. The things get a little complicated when you are buying your first boards so here are few things to bear in mind. There is one general rule when it comes to surfboards – the bigger the board the more stable and buoyant it will be. You should look for a board that has enough volume to make it easy on standing up and catching on waves. Beginner surfboards are generally made from Polystyrene covered with Epoxy covering which gives the boards good balance between durability and price.

surfboard cover

  • Board cover

Maybe you live near the ocean and don’t consider board covers so necessary, but it’s always a good idea to have your board protected. As we mentioned above, Ocean and Earth it the world’s leader for surfboard covers and ropes. One of the many options is the Aircon surfboard cover that comes in a sophisticated design, shock-absorbing foam, extra padding in the tail and nose and three layers of protection. All these safety measures mean that you can transport your board with peace of mind and stress-free of damaging it.

Wetsuit for surfboard

  • Wetsuit

Take your time in order to make a wise choice of a wetsuit. When it comes to this piece of gear, the cut is the most important consideration. If don’t fit you perfectly don’t expect you will enjoy your surfing adventure. Remember, each pocket of air in the suit will become filled with water which will make you feel uncomfortable, cool you down, slosh around annoyingly and weigh you down. Wetsuits are 100% memory so you need to get it right.

Changing mat

  • Changing mat

If you are a practical person and changing your wetsuit in the sand seems counter-intuitive then you definitely need a changing mat. Choose something durable and waterproof that can stand any surface from fine grain sand to rough concrete. This bags allow for easy changing and packing your wetsuit and the Ocean&Earth Wtyy change mat feature an additional pocket for storing sucsreen, keys and other essentials. Just cinch the clothes up into the bag and take them home without worrying about getting your vehicle interior soaked.

leashes for surfboard

  • Leashes

Having the proper lash is important not just for beginners but even for experienced surfers. It is the piece of equipment that will ensure you don’t lose our boards when you are surfing big waves. Look for durable lash and double padded ankle straps that will provide additional comfort. For example, the Regular 6 Diamond Flex from Ocean and Earth allow for additional strength and flexibility in your leg rope. Available in a range of colours you can choose the one that will suits your board the most.

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