Style Your Home the Scandinavian Way

Scandinavian design, this beautiful and minimalist European design was fully recognized in 1950 and ever since have become one of the most favoured trends among noteworthy Scandinavian designers. Thanks to its minimalism, simple and clean lines, nowadays, this design is one of the most sought-after trends worldwide. So, if you are one of the many who wants to add a Scandinavian hint or completely change their home style and give it a complete Scandinavian feel, stay with us and have a look at our guide.

Scandinavian design sofa

Clean Lines Everywhere

Just like we mentioned above, one of the most recognizable things about this design is its simplicity and clean lines. This style goes by the rule less is more, so the best advice you can get when decorating is to declutter your room and strip it back to basics in order to achieve an empty space in order to begin layering it with new Scandi inspired décor and furniture pieces like Scandinavian dining set, Scandinavian design sofa, coffee table, bookshelves etc.

Simple and Minimal Furniture

Now that you have decluttered your home, it is time to have a little fun. The next step of the way to your new Scandinavian inspired home is choosing the right furniture. Scandinavian furniture is all about clean lines and light colours. For example, the living room is one of the most important rooms in your home wherein the sofa is its focal point. Choosing a Scandinavian design sofa bed means that you can get the best of both worlds which is contemporary and minimalist touch at the same time. The main characteristics of Scandi sofas and the whole furniture in one word is their durability, as mainly, they are made out of durable materials like solid timber. One thing is certain, by investing in a sofa (furniture pieces) like that, you can expect to serve you for decades

Black and White Wall Art

When it comes to the walls, to break up the white dullness you can add black and white photography or graphic artwork, as black and white wall art is one of the most recognizable things in the Scandinavian interior. You can also DIY your very own artwork, print some and place it in frames or order online, and except for hanging on the wall, you can place it on a shelf.

Timber Accents

One of the main material for creating Scandi inspired furniture is natural timber. In fact, light and natural timber is a must have so adding timber accents in your home like placing timber shelving would be a great refreshment. You can also add a few pops of timber that will surely add warmth and an organic texture to your home.

Simple Windows

Since Scandinavian style is all about clean lines and light colours, make sure you keep that light by keeping the window treatments as simple as possible. Forget about drapes or blinds, instead, let natural light to come in.

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