Steps to Complete Your “Me Time” in the Bath

Everyone needs that special “me time” during which one can completely relax and get rid of all the stress and worries that are unfortunately a vital part of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. There are so many ways you can relax and rest, reading a book, listening to your favourite music, taking a walk in the park, just to mention a few. However, let’s be honest there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than a warm bath that can sooth both your mind and body. Soaking up in a warm bath is the perfect way to end a long and busy day at the office. All you need is a bit of preparation and you can easily turn your bathroom into your private retreat for relaxation. A cosy bubble bath not only helps relieve stress and tension, but is a great way to paper yourself as well.


A quality “me time” is a time spend without any of your gadgets, so put your phone on silent, turn off your laptop and start preparing your perfect bath. The best thing is that you don’t need much to make your bath time as enjoyable and delightful as possible. With a few simple essentials you can quickly create a soothing and pleasant ambience. Bath towels, some candles, essential oils and relaxing music are the elements that you will need to prepare the ultimate bath that will help you recharge your batteries.

Choose soft and fluffy bath towels
The first step to preparing a nice and cosy bath is picking soft and fluffy bath towels that will make your bath time all the more comfortable. Your towels will not only dry you off after you are finished with your relaxing and paper session, but they can function as your comfy pillows as well where you can rest your neck in the bathtub. A soft cotton towel for instance would make a great bathing pillow.

Put on relaxing background music
Relaxing music playing in the background can help you enjoy your bath even more. Listening to wonderful calm sounds can relive stress, help you unwind and cheer you up. We all have different taste in music and in this case it important to choose songs that you like and find pleasant and relaxing.


Set the ambience with candles
Candles have the power to create a soothing and pleasant ambience perfect for achieving that sense of tranquillity. Besides candlelight is a great way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Just by placing a couple of candles around the tub you can instantly make the room more warm and cosy. You can even choose scented candles that will fill your bathroom with wonderful aroma.

Aromatic oils for ultimate relaxation
Essential oils are well known for their healing properties and can be very beneficial for your skin. Preparing a bath with these aromatic oils is very simple, just mix four or five drops of the oil of your choice with a cup of milk and add this mixture to your bath water. Lavender, chamomile and rose oil have calming and relaxing properties ideal for making soothing and aromatic baths.

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