Stainless Steel vs Aluminized Exhaust Systems

One of the most common dilemmas that a lot of car users have is whether they should use stainless or aluminized exhaust system. Well, the answer is simple both. But, there is a but. Let me explain in more details. The real factor that will determine which one to take is the climate where you live. For those who live in a dry, arid wastes such Australia (ding dong) Aluminized exhaust system is better because there they are more affordable and no things such as snow, salted winter roads and humidity. For others around the world (excluding Southwest America, Sahara) they should invest in stainless exhaust system because it will be more suited for the different type of conditions.

Aluminized Exhaust Systems

The difference between aluminzed and stainless is how the two are produced. For instance, to make aluminzed steel you will nee to take some type of standard grade steel and use it to a hot-dip process to coal he uncompleted layer of the aluminum-silicon alloy. Nearly all hot dip procedures are done with bathing the steel in a very hot bat of metals so it can reach the desired temperature. The aluminium will create a strong chemical bond that will keep stuff like moisture and other bad elements while at the same time getting rid off of more heat than any other type of steel. The crucial benefits of aluminized exhaust systems are because is light weight, it is more affordable and it is easy to produce.

On the other hand, stainless steel is built with purpose meaning that it must be alloyed with chromium, nick and other stuff to create a corrosion-resistant materials so the exhaust won’t be damaged by the climate conditions. There are various grades of stainless steels, whether is 304 or 409 where the last one is the most used. However, 304 steel is also used as part of an austenitic class and is a combination between 16% chromium with some amounts of manganese and nickel. On the other hand, the 409 stainless steel is a combination that has more carbon and low amounts of chromium and nickel.

Not even one these types have anything to with some different performance, the only thing you should consider is the climate. For that reason, Australians, you know which one to buy aluminized exhaust systems and you can be certain that it will last longer, will be more functional and without a doubt will pay off!

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