How Does a Solar Hot Water System Works?

Not only low electricity cost and the eco-friendliness of the solar hot water system, the main point of why there is so big demand for solar hot water system Australia wide its the simplicity, flexibility and durability. Solar hot water system is made from collector panels and a storage tank. The most common household will need around four square metres of solar area which is equal of two panels and a tank around 330 litres. For those days when there is not much light, it is recommended having a bigger tank.

The thermosiphon systems are made from both collector panel, storage tank that is generally mounted on the roof. The liquid circulates all the time inside the panel and later is transported to the tank thanks to the thermosiphon effect. The thermosiphon effect is process when the water heats up and becomes lighter and it rises inside the tank.

Installing the panels of the solar hot water system should be install in the perfect location – facing north and the place of the roof where there is no shading. When installing one yourself, you can always aks the retailer for advice.

There are two types of solar hot water system Australia retailer sell : flat plate collectors which are perfect for tank located roofs and evacuated tubes which are best suited for more frost prone areas.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat plate collectors are the most common used solar hot water system Australia wide. It works on copper pipes that run through a collector made from glass and are usually connected to a water storage tank located on the roof of the house. It works when the copper pipes are heated by the sun and create hot water that is thermo-transferred out of the storage tank.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

This solar system as the name says is made from two glass tubes that are connected both on the top and bottom. The space that is between tehse tubes create a vacuum. The heat pipe that is also know as copper pipe goes through the central area of the panel and thanks to the manifold is connected to a low circulation pumps that transfers the water to the storage tank that is usually located bellow. This way the water is hot during the day.

Hopefully, this information can help you get the right solar hot water system for your household. Not only you will get low bills, but you will be doing a favour to the eco-system. Invest now and get that flexibility, functionality and simplicity in your home!

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