Skype for Business: An IT Cloud Service That Helps Your Company Stay Connected

Skype for business is a tool, an IT cloud service that makes hosting meetings, doing presentations or holding Q&A sessions much simpler, easier and accessible. Here is a more detailed explanation of how it works.

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Why a Skype for Business Meeting?

The purpose of all meetings, in general, is to exchange information, documents, views and opinions. Well, out of the various it cloud services, Skype for business will help you achieve all that by sharing screens and presentation. It allows you to see and hear all the people with whom you are having the meeting. You can meet different people, from different companies, or different cities and countries and still be able to communicate freely.

How to Send a Skype for Business Meeting Invites?

After you contact a team of professionals, whose main job is to help with it cloud services, and you are ready to start using this meeting option, you need to start sending invites. If you want an impromptu meeting, then you need to use the option “Meet Now”. After you start the conversation you can include as many people as you need by clicking on “Invite More People”. Once you complete your list of people you want to present at the meeting, you schedule a date and time and you are done, Everyone you need is informed by clicking a few buttons. Easy, right?

A Few Useful Skype for Business Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts whose main purpose is to make the whole experience simpler and quicker. Here are the most used and recommended ones:

F5 makes the video call into a full-screen

Windows + F5 controls the camera (on/off) during a video call

Windows + F4 controls the microphone (on/off) during a video call

Ctrl + W shows and hides the instant messages (in case you need to add something in written form)

Once the Meeting has Started, How Can You Join?

Don’t be alarmed, this process is quite easy. Simply, click on the “Join Skype Meeting” link on the online invitation or email that you have received. It should launch your Skype for business and drop you right into the meeting. There is another way. You should directly open Skype for business, go to the meetings tab and double click on the relevant entry to join in.


How to Transfer Files with Skype for Business?

Once the meeting has started, you may have the need to share documents with the participants. This is also included as part of the features of this programme. You can “attach” the files to the meeting and let attendees download them. In order to do this, you need to tap on the presentation icon, then click Add Attachments, and lastly choose the file you need to share and click Open.

There are even more options that this tool offers. For more details about how to use them, contact your it cloud service specialists and let them know about which service you are interested, and they will help you learn how to properly use all features.

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