Shower Tents: Useful Invention for Maintaining Hygiene when Camping

One of the best ways to truly feel the wonders of Mother nature is by camping. In fact, camping is one of the most popular ways to spend more time outdoors among Australians, which maybe is the main reason why there are so many camping products. Online you can find everything you need, from drink bottles, first aid kits, portable toilets, portable washing machines, fridges, camping bedding, and even camping shower tents. Yup, that’s right! Maintaining hygiene when camping is of vital importance if you want to come back home safe and sound.

Camping for a few days or more without showering can be devastating and can turn into a real nightmare, so before going to your next camping trip, consider investing in a pop up camping shower tent. That way, you will be able to maintain basic hygiene and keep your bedding cleaner which is especially important while camping.

A pop up camping shower tent will enable you to have your own little piece of privacy whenever you are. Easy to store and pretty quick to set up, you can relax at the end of the day without worrying about your privacy. When it comes to choosing the right type of shower tent, make sure you choose one that is made out of long-lasting UVtex sun though fabric. For added convenience, look for a removable heavy-duty PE floor so you can clean and wash whenever you need. Some extra features you could look for are a zip open roof panel in order to meet the shape and style of different showers, an external side towel holder with internal zip for easier access, roof and wall brace poles in order to provide extra tent stability, etc.

Except for the solo, you can choose a duo pop up shower tent. They are just as simple and just as easy as the standard shower tents. These side by side tents, usually have an internal doorway between them which makes it the ideal way to have a wet and dry room.
Different brands offer different shower tents with different features, so when choosing the right one, make sure you look for the most important ones for you. One thing can be said about this useful invention, shower tents are perfect for those locations where amenities are few and far between. They are handy for caravan parks and popular campsites so you can have your own personal shower.

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