Retro Bedroom Furniture Is Back and Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Retro style bedroom furniture is back with a bang and it seems like it’s here to stay. The nostalgia for the warm, cozy homes from the past prevailed and is now stronger than ever. More and more designers and decorators use modern retro bedroom furniture to achieve a classy rather than a classic look in these private chambers. Modern retro bedroom pieces can also be seen on a lot of famous Instagram feeds. Home décor influencers create timeless looks by combining retro, vintage and contemporary elements.

If your jaw drops every time you come across these modern retro vibes bedrooms on your Insta feed, here’s everything you need to know about retro style bedroom furniture and how you can create your own retro slumbering paradise.


What Makes Bedroom Furniture Retro?

Retro furniture, unlike antique furniture, was popular in the more recent years. When designers and decorators refer to retro furniture they allude to furniture pieces that were trendy in the ’50s, ’60s, 70’s, and 80’s. The difference between vintage and retro pieces lies in the fact that retro furniture can be brand new, designed to resemble its predecessors whereas vintage pieces should be between 30 to 100 years old to live up to their name. However, nowadays, there are also vintage-style pieces that replicate their antecedents, so you’ll often find these two terms used interchangeably. Anything older than 100 years would be considered antique furniture.

Bedrooms in the ’50s were quite whimsical with colourful wallpapers, lavish fabrics and kitsch decorations gracing the walls, furniture and shelves. However, the bedroom furniture was quite small and neat since the homes weren’t so spacious as today. The furniture was usually made from natural materials such as wood and cane, but there were also chrome-legged chairs and Formica top side-tables.

A classical bedroom from the ’60s featured smooth and sleek bedroom sets in warm wood tones such as teak and walnut. Funky decorations and vibrant patterns were often used to break up the look and add a pop of colour.

The 70’s bedroom furniture was nature-inspired with earthy tones being predominant, but it became larger and bulkier. Beds with bold headboards, brightly coloured nightstands and rattan chairs were found in almost every bedroom.

The 80’s bedrooms were greatly influenced by Art Deco and geometric shapes covered everything from carpets to curtains. Pastel colours were the go-to choice for walls and linen and mirrored sideboards and dressers found their place beside the sleek profile beds.

Modern retro bedroom furniture today combines the iconic features of the past with the functionality and quality of contemporary furniture which is the main reason why we’re seeing this major comeback.


Why Retro Style Bedroom Furniture Is So Beloved?

The first reason why retro style bedroom furniture is so beloved is that it hits right in the feels. It evokes emotions and brings back fond childhood memories from the times when life was much simpler. Retro bedroom furniture creates that warm, fuzzy feeling we all crave. It can turn an ordinary bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape from the chaos of the modern world.

Next, retro style bedroom furniture never goes out of style. Modern trends come and go. One day it’s simplicity we’re after and next day we’re going after lavish interiors. Retro bedroom furniture is a timeless classic because it draws inspiration from the golden age of furniture design. It left behind the kitschy details and psychedelic colours and embraced the sleek, sophisticated lines and earthy tones which are highly desired in any stylish bedroom.

Finally, retro style bedroom furniture is incredibly versatile. It perfectly suits traditional, transitional, industrial or contemporary style homes. That’s because retro furniture is inclusive of various materials such as wood, glass, metal, and steel. Moreover, there’re a lot of upholstery types, textures, colours and patterns to choose from, so you’re bound to find a piece or two that’ll fit well with your aesthetic.

Lulu Velvet bed

How to Incorporate Retro Furniture in Your Bedroom?

Reminiscing over enjoyable times is one thing, but getting a full-blown blast from the past every time you enter your bedroom is another. Your retro furniture shouldn’t make your bedroom look outdated or depressing. Instead, it should add charm and character to your sleeping area. You should choose modern retro bedroom furniture that brings out only the best features from the past and avoid gaudy and tacky pieces that’ll look tasteless rather than aesthetically pleasing.

One way to incorporate retro furniture in your bedroom is to play it safe and buy a matching set in warm wood such as teak or walnut. If you want to make things more interesting, you can mix and match styles from different decades and play with multiple wood tones, just be careful not to overdo it because it can make your bedroom feel chaotic instead of peaceful. Also, you don’t have to buy everything retro; you can opt for one or two accent pieces that’ll create interest. Think dressers with tapered legs, Formica top side tables and beds with statement headboards. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the epitomes of modern retro furniture.


Top Picks

The Lulu Velvet bed is inspired by the chic interiors of Paris and will add an instant luxurious vibe to your bedroom. The bed is made of wood and powder-coated metal which give support to the bowed timber slats. The Lulu bed is fully upholstered in soft plush velvet and it features a beautiful headboard that gives balance to the curved wings. You can find it in several different colours including pink, navy, charcoal and grey.

The Koppar Queen Bed is made from solid European white oak which has a patina oil-based finish that adds alluring, luxuriant, warm tone. It features a timeless modern design with smooth curves and a wonderful headboard which doubles as a generous storage unit. You can pair it with the Koppar Side Table to accentuate the retro-chic.

The Cambridge 6 Drawer is a perfect example of modern and retro coexisting together. It features tapered legs and beautiful inlay chevron design with cool and sleek lines. It’s made using European and rustic oak which show the natural beauty of the oak grain and knots. Pair it with the Soho Double Wall Unit and never worry about storage again.

These pieces are only a small fraction of the retro style bedroom furniture found Australia wide, but they certainly make fine exemplars of the amazing world of retro, with a modern twist. Do a little bit of online window shopping today and discover all the other colours and designs available. Walnut, oak, beech or teak, you can’t go wrong with the modern take on the golden oldies.

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