Random Acts of Kindness Ideas To Strengthen Your Faith in Humanity

Selfishness, greed, cruelty and aggression are the world’s worst diseases that have been the reason for two world wars and many civil wars. It is astonishing how we, the humans, are capable of love, compassion and kindness and also capable of hatred, greed, raping and murdering. The human nature could be the greatest paradox of all time, but can random acts of kindness help us get rid of all the evil in us and together create a better world?

“One small change can have an enormous impact”. The ripple effect perfectly describes the impact that the small random acts of kindness could have on humanity. Every single act of kindness, no matter how simple, meaningless or random it is, can inspire someone. If each and every one of us implements the habit of doing random acts of kindness a day, we would instantly make the world a better place. People who have been done good deeds love to share their life-changing random acts of kindness stories and so encourage other people to share kindness.


Have you ever wanted to make a difference, change the world, but thought that you couldn’t do it because you’re not a supreme leader or a ruler? Well, I’m going to break it down for you: You don’t have to be a supreme leader, nor a ruler, nor a researcher developing new energy sources or medical cures, nor Superman. All you have to do is be you – a compassionate, selfless, loving and caring human being who does care about other people. Here are some incredibly awesome random acts of kindness ideas that could start the ripple effect.


There is no better act of kindness than giving your time and efforts for greater purposes. Volunteer organizations are always in need of volunteers and while you may immediately think that you don’t have the time for it, volunteering can be adjusted according to your free hours. Also, you may find an online volunteer organization, which would need your help for only a few minutes.

Tip Generously

Next time you find the service in a restaurant or a bar awesome, leave an extra-generous tip. Tips of 10% and 15% are normal in most countries, but if you want to make a good deed for someone, leave a bigger tip and let the waiter know that the service was truly great (as if the tip doesn’t speak itself).

Donate the Books You’ve Read

Unless you’re a book collector, you should donate the books you’ve read to someone who hasn’t. There are many kids, teenagers, young adults and even adults on a limited budget who cannot always afford buying books. Donating a book also makes an awesome gift to a friend (who reads books).

Share Your Skills

If you have the patience of the great master Yoda, you could offer to share your skills to someone and teach them how to do something. Whether it’s playing a guitar, using a computer software or riding a bicycle, you are offering yourself to teach them a new skill that could either be of great use or just fun.

Help a Friend Find a Job

Looking for a job is always frustrating, overwhelming and exhausting, which is why your help to a friend could mean so much. Help a friend write the best CV possible or help them narrowing down the options on the Internet. Any sort of help will be gladly accepted and much appreciated.

Compliment Someone

Tell your friend you like their new T-shirt, or that you like how does their hair look today. You can also leave a comment or share the blog post you liked, just so you let someone know that they are doing a great job. Don’t overthink and speak your mind, but sincerely, honestly and truthfully. Complimenting is all about giving without expecting something in return.

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