Pros And Cons Of Different Flooring Types

Different Flooring Types

When it comes to choosing a flooring for your home, there are many things you need to consider. Flooring covers a large area of your home, hence your choice will have a lasting impact on its appearance and durability.

The room that the flooring is going in, wear and tear it will receive, the type of foot traffic, the decor of the room, and sure your budget are some of the things you will need to have in mind when choosing a flooring for your home.

With so many things to take into consideration, it is nice to get familiar with the pros and cons of different flooring types.



  • Energy saver – Carpet can be considered another layer of insulation. Thus, it can help keep cold or warm drafts from seeping through the floor.
  • Comfortable – Carpet is the softest of any flooring type.
  • Sound proffer – Carpet can help reduce the sound and noises from one floor to another.
  • Durability – Many manufacturers design carpets that can withstand wear, tear and last longer with proper care.


  • Maintenance – Regular vacuuming is necessary, and that involves every one to two days for high traffic areas.
  • Spills – Have to be removed right away to prevent staining and liquid to get deep into to fibers, which can cause mold and mildew.
  • Professional care – Carpets need a professional carpet cleaning at some time to remove ground and grime.



  • Value – Installing hardwood floor in your place will add a lot of value to the property.
  • Durability – With proper care hardwood floors can last for a very long time.
  • Maintenance – Hardwood floors are easy to care. All you need is sweeping or vacuuming them daily and use an approved wood cleaner to wipe them.


  • Cost – Hardwood floor is one of the most expensive floor types.
  • Cold – When compared to the other flooring options, hardwood floors can be colder to the touch.
  • Noise – Every step taken on hardwood floor can be heard.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


  • Design choices – Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a variety of colours and designs inspired by the patterns and colours found in nature.
  • Easy and quick to install – Installing a luxury vinyl flooring in your home can be done in half of the time it will take to install a comparable ceramic tile.
  • Durability – Luxury vinyl flooring is scratch-resistant and highly durable. That means it makes an excellent choice for high traffic areas.
  • Feel – When compared to ceramic and other natural stones, luxury vinyl flooring is comparatively warmer to the touch.


  • Cost – Luxury vinyl tile can cost pretty the same as some standard ceramic tiles.
  • Transitions – Right now the only option available is staining unfinished wood pieces to match. So manufactures still need to address transitions.
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