The Primary Weidmuller Tools That Every DIY-er Needs

The last couple of years DIY has become a hobby that nearly all wish they did it. Maybe it is thanks to YouTube and the wide range of channels that make everything seem easy. Actually, it is not the You Tubers that make it easier but the tools you work with. With so many different choices of tools on the market, buying the right one that has quality, functionality and durability, well it is difficult to come across one.


In Australia, you can find a lot of good tools manufactures and retailers. However, in my opinion, one tool brand is above all of them, Weidmuller tools. They produce the most affordable yet quality tools that meet the most stringent regulations and requirements in Australia for more than 30 years. Their main focus is to create a solution that will make any user job easier while offering him the maximum protection. So purchasing tools from one trusted manufacturer offers you stability, consistency and success. Bellow, we will go through the best Widermuller tools users that any DY-tinkerer needs to use.


One thing, in particular, is that Weidmuller broke into the market with their high-quality stripping tools. They are primarily used for cutting different types of wires such as teflon, silicone, coax cables, flat ribbon cables and much more. With this tool, you can easily perform sheathing tasks so you have a perfect processing thanks to the Weidmuller stripper. One of the most common Weildmuller strippers is the STRIPAX. This stripper can also be used to cut stuff, thanks to the self-adjustment properties. It also has adjustable stripping length and the jaws open automatically after you cut.

Crimping and Cutting

After the process of tripping is completed, you’ll need to crimp a wire on the end of the cable. Crimping ensures a secure connecting between the conductor and contact and the soldering is replaced thanks to it. This connection is permanent, thanks to the quality of the Weidmuller quality tools which offer that needed secure connection in both electrical and mechanical ways. From all the tools, you cannot find more useful tool than the Weidmuller tools. They have a wide range of tolls for different cuts and tasks that also includes a small cross-section with a huge diameters cuts and direct force. Without a doubt investing in this type of tool is something for the long-run, that can be a very useful hand for any DIY tinkerer and professional.

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