Pre-Purchase Information You Should Know About Stair Led Lighting

When renovating your home, there are so many possibilities that you can change and make it better. One of the most thing that people add stair lights. Well, the reason why is simple – people want to have a unique feeling to their home and stairs. Plus, they are very useful when you are walking at night. Now, from all the lights the LED lights stairs edition are the most popular. To choose the perfect one, there is some stuff you need to consider and bellow, we will go more in more details.

There are a lot of dilemmas, whether you should go recessed or surface mounted LED lights for stairs? Well, if you want them installed on the step, then you should go with recessed because if you go with surface mounted you will probably trip. However, if the lights on the wall near the step then you can go with both types. In some situations, recessed lights will create very modern and sophisticated appeal, but if you choose fixtures that make their own statement, then you should with surface-mounted because they will gain more attention. So, it all depends on the fixture you choose. If you are not sure which one to take, you can always consult with the retailer, they have experience in that matter.

Another combination to consider is whether you should go with hard-wired or battery operated. Well, hard-wired lights offer more style, emit brighter light and sleek design. If you are looking for lights that can be controlled with a switch, then this is your preferred choice. On the other hand, battery operated lights are easy to install, don’t require a switch, but they don’t look so cool. These lights are mostly used for utilitarian purposes such as guide lights for safety in basements, handrail lighting, but they are not really recommended to be used as stair lighting. They do not come in many styles and their durability is low.

LED lights stairs types to come in three shapes – round, square and linear. Round and square lights only offer small portions of light. When people mention stair lights, these are the lights that they picture in their minds. These are the lights that are most commonly used as a wall lighting, tread lighting, and stairs lighting.

The last option to consider is whether to choose colour changing lights or not. Normally, step-lights offer only warm and cool white light. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, many people want colored stair lights! You have a lot of freedom here and together with your designer you can create a colourful staircase!

Hopefully, the information provided above will aid you when choosing LED lights stairs fixtures and lights.

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