Patio Furniture: Winterize The Right Way

Maybe far from winter, but it is always good to plan ahead. Since summer weather makes way for autumn, it is time to think about organizing and storing the outdoor items you won’t be using for another year.

Patio furniture cover

Stored properly in a special outdoor storage box and storage shed means that all of your outdoor furniture and other items will be in tip-top condition the next time you need to use them. Today the choice of outdoor storage solutions is huge, so you can now easily choose the type and style of outdoor storage box and shed.

With that being said, we did a little research and assembled for you a list of how to properly winterize your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

Before storing, it is of vital importance to clean your outdoor furniture and store it properly to ensure that it lasts a long time.

No matter what type of furniture you have and what the material is (wood, metal, plastic or wicker), before storing it is essential to clean the dust and dirt with a dry cloth. If additional cleaning is needed, most outdoor furniture (except wooden ones) can withstand a wash of warm water and mild dish-washing soap.

When dry, place a cover over the furniture and move it to the special outdoor storage shed or in a garage.

Outdoor Cushions

Before cleaning the outdoor cushions, always read the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning, as there are fabrics and cushion fillings that cannot be machine-washed. You can also vacuum the cushions and wash the cushion covers, just make sure the cushions are completely dry before storing them in an outdoor storage box or special cushion storage bag. If possible, clean them in clean and dry place, like a garage or basement.

Gardening Equipment

Just like the furniture and cushions, gardening equipment must be stored on the right way. Depending on how much tools you have, choose the right size of outdoor storage box in order to fit all of your gardening stuff. Just make sure it is made out of strong material in order to withstand all weather conditions.

Bicycles And Sporting Equipment

Just like the aforementioned things, before storing your bicycles and other sporting goods you must clean the thoroughly. Store them in specially designed for outdoor use garden sheds or in your garage or basement. Storage sheds are ideal for those with smaller yards. Most of them are easily installed on any flat surface.

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