Outdoor Coffee Table Buying Guide

Outdoor Coffee Table

When the weather is warm and sunny, spending time outdoors is usually the favorite part of the day. No matter you are playing with your kids, drinking coffee with your friends or eating with your family, spending time outdoors is special. In order to create a great outdoor atmosphere you certainly need a great outdoor furniture, including outdoor coffee table, so you can better organize your space and time. When buying outdoor table, there are few considerations, including size and material. Check carefully each of these criteria and make your purchasing process much easier.

Consider material – Choosing the right material for your outdoor coffee table is very important consideration for many reasons. The material you will select is important for achieving the specific look in an outdoor space. Because there are lot of different materials available, it is essential to choose one that can withstand harsh weather conditions thus last longer.

Wood – wood is traditional, classic material for outdoor coffee table as well as for other pieces of outdoor furniture. When it comes to this material, there are few most commonly used types in the production process:

  • Cedar
  • Acacia
  • Teak
  • Eucalyptus

The natural look of wood has rustic quality, making this material great choice for outdoor furniture. Also, wood is known as a long lasting material, in fact patio furniture made from teak have lifespan of 50 years or more.

Metal – Metal furniture pieces are much more elegant and formal. Usually made of steel or iron, metal outdoor tables are durable but heavy. Metal outdoor coffee table will work perfect in windy areas as it’s less likely to blow away in a storm. Metal is also a long lasting material but require certain treatments if you want to avoid rusting.

Plastic or PVC – Outdoor coffee table made from plastic or PVC have the least formal look while also is least expensive option. Because it is quite lightweight, this outdoor table is very easy to move and store during the off season. If you maintained properly, your outdoor table will certainly last for years.

Wicker or rattan – These outdoor furniture are more casual option compared to metal or wood and a bit more elevated compare to plastic. What is not so good about these materials, is the fact that if you don’t treat and cover your furniture properly, it can easily develop mildew and mold. Because of this fact, most of the people use these furniture on covered or screened porches.

Consider size – Now when you are done selecting the material, it’s time to consider the size and shape of your new outdoor coffee table. The size is important as it needs to meet your personal requirements and to fit great in the available space of your porch. Finding a stylish outdoor table for your home is easy with all those models and styles available. Market offer outdoor table and furniture solution for any style and taste, so you certainly be able to make the best choice for your outdoor space.

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