New Technology In Hearing Aids

Hearing aids Australia technology has made significant changes over the past few years and continues to evolve. Hearing aid technology has evolved a lot, so today people with hearing loss problem can enjoy in the high quality underwater hearing aids, the tiny discreet ones and the one that use digital technology.

hearing-aidsIn fact, a lot of studies and surveys have proven that the hearing aid technology is better than ever! The latest hearing aids Australia advancements, represent years of research and clinical trials. These new technologies offer an array of new technology with proven benefits and extra features.

Hearing Loss and Gene Therapy

As we already mentioned, hearing aids in Australia has advanced a lot, so recently Australian Scientists have found a way to use electric pulses as a form of gene therapy to regenerate auditory nerves. In order to promote the capabilities and efficiency of cochlear implant use, researchers have created special implants which use gene therapy for treating damaged or completely non-functioning inner ear cells.

This new technology improvement was done at the Australian University of South Wales. The gene therapy works by implanting electrodes closely to auditory cells, which are stimulated by electric pulses. This stimulates auditory cells to produce neutrophins, which is a protein that stimulates the growth, maintenance and maturation of neurons. This protein is crucial for maintaining neurons after brain injuries or diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
The coauthor of the study and professor at the University of South Wales, Matthias Klugmann, notes that these findings can extend beyond hearing loss treatment. Since neutrophins come in many varieties and interacts with lots of brain cells, they can help in enhancing some brain parts that are not related to hearing.

Hearing Loss And New Technology

Other used forms of hearing aids are the electric cochlear implants, which use and send electric signals to the auditory nerve fibers found in the ear.

There are also some other new findings that include the research of regenerative proteins obtained from chickens, as a possible hearing aid option. This research shows that the normally produced chemicals in the inner ear cells of chickens can regenerate the inner ear cells in humans after noise-induced hearing loss.
These new findings and the advancement of the hearing aids technology in Australia can result in complete replacement of hearing aids by gene therapy and vaccinations.
To learn more about the technology that’s already improving the lives of hearing aid wearers, contact your hearing professional for a demonstration.

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