The New Summer Staple – Modern Ways to Wear Male Sandals in 2019

sandal shoes mens

As the Australian scorching sun continues to shine down on us, most men look for ways to survive the extreme heats while not compromising on style. Here’s an idea: invest in the new staple of summertime – male sandals. Don’t let the notorious reputation that follows men who wear these shoes precede you. There are so many ways you can style them without shame, and we have just the right ideas for you to feel comfy and look fabulous all summer long.

Newsflash – the modern way of wearing male sandals isn’t just confined to combining them with pants and shorts. In the modern world of today, there’s a whole new approach to dressing up or dressing down a pair of men’s sandals. When looking for the ideal pair for you, your best bet is to buy male sandals online as the store that you buy them from will probably suggest what kind of clothes to pair them with.

Sandals With Shorts

sandals and shorts

Let’s get started with the basics. Shorts and sandals are your wardrobe’s best friends, and when combined together they truly are a match made in heaven. You can pair sandals with shorts of any length – be that a pair that hits just below the knee, a denim pair with cut-offs frayed at the hem, or even swim shorts – sandals can fit in almost every shorts combination. A smarter chino style pair would work best with a slightly elevated pair of leather male sandals rather than a pair of leather flip-flops.

Sandals and Summer Tailoring

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When it comes to men’s fashion, this season it’s all about sandals and adding straps to your summer looks. Why don’t you switch out the stuffy three-piece suit that you wear every day to the office for a modern but ultimately casual, summer tailoring look? Just find your ideal pair of male sandals online and I’m sure you’ll also come across some ideas on what colours to combine them with. Experiment with hues and add a statement blazer that will be in a summer-appropriate colour. Switch out your suit trousers with chinos and pair them with two-strap leather sandals in a neutral tone for the ultimate summery-office look.

Monochromatic All the Way

monochromatic outfit with black sandals

Creating an all-monochromatic outfit is a sure way to maintain a casual sense of style. If you’re not a fan of loud summer colours, or are just more keen to wearing moodier pieces of clothing, go for flattering black pieces as you can wear them during more seasons of the year. Think black jeans paired with a basic crewneck T-shirt and black sandals for an „on-the-go city dweller“ look.

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