Mountain Biking Lights: Guide on How to Choose Top Notch Ones

Whether you like to commute through towns or cities, take a nighttime mountain bike ride or tour on a long distance road track, having a reliable set of mountain biking lights is crucial, and in some places, it is even a legal requirement.Mountain Biking Lights

Mountain biking lights are available in a great range which can be basically separated into general purpose and more high-performance categories. General purpose lights are designed to help mountain bikers to be seen while they are commuting road riding or touring, for example, in relatively well-lit roads. High-performance light models help bikers to be seen on their biking at night or riding on dark roads.

Front lights generally have handlebar attachments and rear lights are attached to the bikers seat boost. There is also the option to fix lights to helmets, for example using a helmet pacific mounts, or to a backpack or even to the biker’s clothing.

Lights to Make You Visible

There is a huge range of mountain biking lights designed to help you be seen and you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent front and rear light. Expert advice bikers to get the best lights they can afford – after all the more visible bikers are on the roads, the safer they will be.

In order to choose the right mountain biking lights, you will need to test the light to see if they offer a good side-on visibility so that other vehicles and pedestrians can see you at the junctions. You should also consider lights that offer a number of modes, some flash, and some constant light. Since there is not limit of how many lights you can have, you may want to consider having some light with flash and some with constant light just to make yourself a bit more noticeable.

It is also a good idea to supplement your lighting setup with clothing stickers or rucksack covers that will make you stand even more to passing traffic, and cars and other vehicles should give you more room on the road.Mountain Biking Lights

Lights to Light Your Path

If you are commuting on unlit country roads, mounting bike in the dark or you just want something more powerful than a general-purpose bike light, then a high-end performance front light may be a good option for you. Bike light technology has advanced so fast in the past few years and today you can find lightweight LED units which pack a real punch and have a long running time. Yes, you will pay a little bit more for these lights than your average front light, but the difference is night and day. Many of these high-powered units are lightweight enough to helmet and can be pretty useful for when you are off road, for picking out trail obstacles when you are descending at warp speed, but also just as useful for on-road for picking out path hole and other roads obstacles.

Beam patterns on these lights vary. Some have a widespread beam light while others have a more focused beam. You can use a combination of the two or choose the one that suits your riding the best.

If you are planning to cycle in the middle of the night, the best advice we can give you is to get as many as lights on the bike as possible – it sure is scary!

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