Mid Century Bedroom Ideas: How to Turn Your Space Into a Relaxing Retreat

As the place where you go to relax and recharge your batteries, the bedroom should be a peaceful oasis with comfortable furniture and wonderful décor that evoke happy and calming vibes. Every element of the bedroom design puzzle should be arranged to add function and elegance to the space and create a soothing ambience that allows you to rest properly after a busy day or find a little piece from the hassle of family life. By combining function and elegance the Mid Century Modern design can be ideal for creating a stylish bedroom that looks and feels like a relaxing retreat for spending wonderful moments with your partner. It was introduced on the interior design scene during the 1930s and by the late 60s it had gone out of fashion only to make a comeback in the mid 80s. Since then the popularity of Mid Century design has been on the rise and today it’s a trend loved by interior designers and homeowners alike.

Mid Century Bedroom

It’s ability to infuse the living space with timeless elegance is not the only feature that makes this unique design so appealing. Characterized by clean lines, soothing colours and comfortable furniture, a Mid Century bedroom is both stylish and functional. Therefore, when designing yours pay special attention to things such as layout, colour scheme and décor. When planning the layout it’s essential to consider the size of the room. The pieces you choose should compliment the size of your bedroom and provide flow. As the central element of your Mid Century bedroom it’s crucial to find the right position for the biggest furniture piece- the bed. According to the principles of feng shui it would be best to position the bed diagonally from the entrance, while placing it against the same wall as the door should be avoided.

The material and design of the furniture are also important when it comes to getting the distinctive Mid Century look. Bedrooms design in this way are furnished with pieces that have a simple yet sophisticated look and are made of natural materials. Simple, practical and elegant, Scandinavian furniture can be the perfect choice for giving your Mid Century bedroom a functional and elegant layout. Pieces such as bedside tables, drawers and wardrobes are made of quality and durable wood species such as oak, walnut and teak, which are carefully finished to enhance their gorgeous grain and natural beauty. The distinctive grain of wood would create a wonderful contrast to the neutral colour pallet, which is another feature of the Mid Century interior design. Walls are often painted in light and soft colours like white, beige and cream. To add a splash of colour adorn your bedroom with bedding and décor pieces in vibrant hues such as orange, purple or blue. But, don’t go overboard with decorations since the Mid Century style is all about sophisticated and minimal décor.

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