What Is a Medical Chair and Who Can Benefit from It

If you have an elderly who needs your assistance moving or struggles with simple everyday tasks like sitting and getting up from a chair, maybe one option to help him/her keep his/her independence is a medical chair.

A medical chair is a piece of medical equipment that looks pretty similar to a traditional reclining chair – it can be used in an upright position, or reclined with just the push of a button. What makes it different is that it comes with a powerful lifting system that tilts the base and back of the chair forward, helping the user to stand with easy.


Nowadays, you can find a range of medical chairs for sale in different sizes and styles and with numerous optional features. They are available in petite to tall heights, in small to large widths, in cloth, vinyl, and leather upholstery, and can include a number of positions, heat and even massage features.

Who benefits from a medical chair?
A medical chair can benefit anyone who has difficulty transitioning from a seated position to standing due to balance issue or limited mobility. However, medical chairs for sale that comes with optional heat and massage features can also provide therapeutic benefits for individuals with sore and stiff joints, arthritis, back pain and other conditions.

Very often, complications and discomfort can be a result of poor blood circulation. It leads to blood clots that could result in health issues and decrease overall well-being of the patients. Elderly who need long-term care tend to spend extended periods of time sitting. A medical chair can improve blood circulation by changing the positions of the patients, hence improving blood flow to the legs and feet.

Caregivers can also benefit from a medical chair. Research has shown that it is common for caregivers to experience injuries from helping assist their senior. Helping another person transitioning from a sitting position to a standing one imposes a physical strain on the caregiver, which can result in a challenging and dangerous situation for both the senior and the caregiver.

Furthermore, with the senior being able to use a medical chair to function more independently, caregivers have more free time to complete other chores. Instead of having to spend most their time monitoring or supervising the senior to make sure they don’t have an accidental fall or injury, the caregiver will be able to pay attention to other important tasks, or maybe just relax a little.

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