What Makes Panel Blinds the Ideal Solution for Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors that provide a wonderful view of the outside would are a modern architectural feature of many urban homes. They help brighten up the space by letting in lots of natural light and provide easy access to outdoor entertaining areas. Just like windows, glass doors look and function best when dressed up properly, but finding the right window treatment for such large features of the home can be a bit tricky. The wrong treatment would not only affect the functionality of the door, but can ruin the overall interior design of the room as well. You would want something that would allow you to easily control how much light gets inside the room from your glass doors and won’t hinder the traffic flow in the house.Panel Blind

A common issues that makes installing blinds for sliding doors a challenge is the small space between the door and the ceiling which leaves little room for properly mounting the blind. The lack of available space above the door would rule out the use of window coverings that required a considerable amount of space when fully opened, such as Venetian and Roman blinds. As a window treatment that doesn’t take up a lot of space above the door, the stylish panel blind is ideal for sliding glass doors. It’s designed to provide excellent light control and privacy, without affecting the functionality of the door. These blinds feature a number of flat fabric panels mounted on an aluminium tracking system. What makes the panel blind so effective and practical is its easy opening and closing mechanism. The panels are designed to glide easily across the door and when fully opened they would stack neatly to completely reveal the stunning view from your glass door.

The blinds are very easy to use and you control the panels through a single blind so with one simple movement you can brighten up the room with lots of natural light or block out the bright sunshine to create a more intimate ambience. Another great thing about panel blinds is their versatile design meaning they could complement any kind of interior design. They are available in a vast selection of materials including sunscreen, light-filtering and blockout fabrics. As for the colour of the blinds, you can opt for a subtle hue that matches the colour pallet of your room, however if you’re after a bolder look than blinds in a darker colour like red or purple might be just the thing to add drama and elegance to your living space. Unlike other types of blinds who trap a lot of dust particles, like Venetians for instance, panel blinds won’t accumulate a lot of dust and therefore required very little maintenance. A quick wipe with a wet cloth is all you need to do to keep them clean.

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