What to Look for When Buying Exterior Car Accessories

There are car owners who love and adore their vehicles, so they equip them with the best performance parts, but quality parts is not the only way that you can change the performance and overall driving style of your car. Exterior car accessories are a way to upgrade the already existing features of your car, such as bumpers and roofs. Some people even claim that ‘a car can never have too many accessories’ and that ‘there’s always room for more’, since they are so useful. They can enhance performance, style, add comfort and give your car a bit of a personal-touch.

If exterior accessories are that important, then all drivers need to learn what to look for and how to buy the right thing. Exterior car online accessories can be separated into three categories; necessary accessories, utility accessories and aesthetic accessories. Each of them has their value on the food-chain of exterior car online accessories, we’re going to explain today how to find, estimate value and buy car accessories.

Car Accessories

Necessary Exterior Car Accessories

The necessary accessories are those that a car owner, like it or not will have to buy at one point in their life. Such accessories get changed even a few times during your cars lifespan, so considering them before their expiration date, is a wise decision.

The usual basic parts that fall under this category are some which a car owner uses quite frequently. Knowing the function of these parts and what to look for can give the car owner the ability to distinguish quality and find the best such part for his own vehicle. Such parts include:

  • Head lights and tail lights
  • Turn signals
  • Fuel caps
  • Fuel tank doors

When you purchase a car all of the above accessories come along with it. Although you can upgrade such parts to increase your cars efficiency and overall value. One example is switching your factory incandescent bulbs with new LED bulbs.

Utility Exterior Car Accessories

Utility accessories are the middle ground, they are not really a necessity, nor are they applied for aesthetic value, rather they are used to enhance performance. These accessories all have practical uses, be it protection or enhancement to your cars exterior. They are usually added when the car owner applies an upgrade to the vehicle or when purchasing after-market parts.

Rock Sliders

One such accessory are rock sliders, they can be attached to the side of your cars body or frame, in between the front and back wheel. They are used to protect your rocker frames from debris and pebbles, as well as allow your car to manoeuvrer over obstacles.

Racks and Carriers

This refers to all the external luggage accessories you can add to your vehicle to add more carrying space. These can range from luggage separators and drawers, all the way to rooftop racks and bike holders. They are a great accessory to attach to your car for trips and vocation.


This utility accessory is a must for anyone who doesn’t have a garage space for his car, or a vehicle such as a 4×4 or truck that is too big for the existing garage. These covers go over your vehicle and protect it from the environment. They are usually mould resistant (they don’t allow moisture to build up between the cover and the car) and are resistant to water, snow and frost. They are the perfect option for road trips as well, as they can be used for a good nights sleep, while resting on multi-day drive trips.

Aesthetic Exterior Car Accessories

This final category of car accessories is about personal style and showing it through your cars exterior design. Many people show that they appreciate and take care of their car by adding these aesthetic add-ons, as well as, showing what they like and what their sense of style is all about.

When it comes to such accessories, you can choose from under glow lights, spoilers, side skirts, various types of stickers and stencil artworks and more such products.

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