List of Essential Boxing Equipment You Need to Get Started


Whether you’re looking to increase your strength, speed, coordination, confidence, or you’re just after a great cardio workout, boxing will keep you coming back for more. Boxing is an exciting sport for both men and women of all ages and has countless of health benefits. If you want to improve your health and get in shape, boxing is the perfect sport for you.

Most Important Benefits of Boxing

Improves Full-Body Strength

All that kicking, jumping, and punching requires a great deal of strength. During boxing training, you will punch the heavy bag hundreds of times, demanding your entire body to engage as you make contact with the bag.

Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Boxing is an excellent cardio exercise that protects your heart and helps you burn calories and lose weight. Boxing can improve your cardiovascular improvement in less amount of time than many other workouts.

Decreases Stress

Any form of moderate or intense physical activity decreases stress and boosts mood. Boxing is an amazing outlet for stress because when you’re hitting the punching bag you actually decrease your stress hormones. This increases your body’s painkilling endorphins, improves your mood and helps you feel less stressed.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination plays a crucial role in a person’s gross and fine motor skills. People with good hand-eye coordination have faster reflexes and better physical coordination. Boxing can improve hand-eye coordination, which is particularly important during aging.

Improves Body Composition

Boxing is an excellent workout for improving body composition – increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat mass. Boxing combines muscle-building strength training moves and fat-burning exercises, so with regular training, there’s no reason you won’t see significant changes in your overall shape.

Boxing Equipment You Will Need

As with all sports, boxing also has its own specific fight equipment and gear, and luckily for you, it won’t cost you much to get started. You will need some basic clothes for your training, such as comfortable shoes, shorts, T-shirts,and socks. Boxing is an intense workout, so expect that your clothes will get sweaty and dirty, and always keep some pieces of clothing at hand for easy replacement. Not all pieces of boxing equipment are necessary to start training, but here is the list of the essential things you will need for a start.

Jumping Rope

If you don’t have a jumping rope already, you will need to buy one. The jump rope is very useful for warming up exercise and getting your blood flowing. Jumping will also strengthen your legs and upper arm muscles and build up your stamina.

Hand Wraps

Your hands are your weapons in boxing, so you have to keep them safe. The hands contain dozens of little bones, which can easily break or fracture if you’re not careful enough. You will have to get some comfortable and quality hand wraps and protect your hands from injury. Hand wraps are just pieces of cloth that you can wrap around your hands for extra protection. Elastic hand wraps are sturdier and lengthier which makes them a popular choice among many professional and amateur boxers.

Punch Mitts

Punch mitts are an essential piece of gear if you want to work on your punching speed and accuracy. They are very light and comfortable, so you can practice precision strikes fast and easy, while your hands will be protected.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves which are also known as training gloves are different from sparring or competition gloves. They are designed for punching the heavy bag, so they are less thick and offer a bit less padding. However, you will be using them frequently, so you might want to invest in a high-quality pair of training gloves that will last you longer.

Heavy Bag

Heavy bags weigh around 70 pounds (30 kilograms) and come with a mount you can swivel and attach to your ceiling. They’re filled with soft or harder fill and are wrapped tight in a durable material such as leather or vinyl. When buying a heavy bag, keep in mind that a good punching bag should be able to withstand your punches for a long time, so it is definitely something worth investing in.


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