Let There Be Light: Illuminating Solutions for Your Home

When you think about the grand halls, ballrooms and huge exhibition places there is one thing they have in common: they are brightly illuminated. It is proven that the strong presence of light can provoke mood improving feelings and happiness. On the other hand, places that are dark or not illuminated enough create feelings of depression, confusion and repulsiveness. Hence, how a room is illuminated is important to a great extent. It can transform the place into a happy place or it can make it look gloomy. The lighting solutions in our homes do the same thing to the ambience of our homes and choosing the right lighting solution is key to creating a pleasant and comfortable homey atmosphere.

light shop

There are lots of different types of lighting solutions you can find in a lighting shop and in order to choose the right one you have to take into consideration the design and the way it functions. Apart from incorporating natural light as much as possible, you can choose from the plethora of solutions to make your home an illuminated heaven. You can use a combination of two or more types to create a balanced look in each room to raise the factor of interest. Here is a look at the different types you can choose for your home.

Dimmed Lights

In order to create a balance of functionality and beauty, the dimmed lights are perfect to change the mood in the room. You can use dimmers on your general lighting or spotlights to highlight the entrance area or a valuable piece of art. You can also create a romantic ambience by decreasing the brightness in the room.


The chandelier is the classic beauty among the types of lighting. Centred in the living room it will spread light evenly through the room. Ther grandness comes from not only being a light fixture but also a fabulous home decor. You can choose a vintage metal chandelier from the lighting shop for a greater visual interest or a classic crystal one to increase the elegance of the design. If you want to achieve the wow factor you can go for a non-traditional colour like black crystal, teal or smoky brown. Moreover, they vary in sizes so you can choose one that speaks volumes about the room but does not overwhelm it.

Fan Lights

The fan lights are light fixtures attached to ceiling fans and along with illuminating they are used to cool off a room in summer or warm it up in winter. If this is an attractive option for your preferences then you should pay attention to the light bulbs you are going to buy since regular bulbs might not be resistant to vibrations caused by the fan and will fail prematurely.

Tungsten Lights and Taks Lighting

The tungsten lights are becoming popular once again as part of the industrial design style which is also a very common choice nowadays. These lights can be seen in modern homes due to their stark beauty and their functionality as task lighting solutions. The task lighting solutions illuminate areas where certain tasks are performed, for example, food preparation, office work, reading and playing games. They need to be bright enough to avoid the glaring feature, thus a preferred choice is the tungsten lights, cool-tones LED or compact fluorescent bulbs because of their sharpness and greater contrast.

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