Choosing a Laser Cutter: Features That Make the Cut

Laser cutting is a revolutionary technology which has swept the world off its feet since its appearance on the market. It is a technology which uses a laser to cut materials and finds its application in the industrial manufacture, schools, small businesses and by hobbyists in DIY projects. It works when a computer is directing the output of a high-power laser at the material to be cut. The result is a high-quality surface finish when the material melts, burns, vaporises or is blown away by a jet of gas.

The benefits are huge as the precision levels and edge quality are far better than traditional cutting methods. This technology also enables cutting complex shapes without the need for tooling and can do the cutting process similar or even faster than other cutting methods. So, if you are ready to buy your first laser cutter, here are the features you need to consider.

If you need the laser cutter for home use you should buy a desktop laser cutter which is also used by small businesses and DIY hobbyists. A perfect option is the darkly labs laser cutter which can work on cotton, felt, leather, paper, plastic, wood, andonised aluminium, corkboard and rubber. Such laser cutter can do 3D cutting and engraving while being controlled by the software on the computer. Moreover, it provides a larger workspace, more laser power, material ignition alert, ais-assist, fume extraction and filtering and the chance of wifi and USB connectivity. In addition, the darkly labs laser cutter has a workspace camera which allows an easy alignment of materials.

Then, you should consider the speed of the laser cutter. The speed matters a lot and it is one of the reasons why people turn to laser cutters for cutting materials instead of conventional cutting methods. The speed parameter is actually how fast the laser moves. The fast speed leads to short exposure times, whereas slow speeds lead to long exposure times. In that fashion, large-scale engravings are done at high speeds between 80 and 100%, however, photo engravings with lots of details seek not more than 10%. Although, it should be noted that cutting and engraving speeds should not be compared because cutting is always done more slowly than engraving. Thus, a “high” cutting speed is 10%.

Another very important feature is the power consumption. It is important because you save on the electricity bills and also because the efficiency of the machine depends on its power consumption. Therefore, a machine that uses 25-50 Watt are designed for light work like stamp carvings whereas those working with 500Watts can be used to cut metal. In addition, the strength of the laser is important for the cutting process. With a more powerful laser, you can cut through the material faster and more reliably.

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