Is Your Bedroom Action-Ready? 5 Ways To Spice It Up


Got hot dinner plans? Any chances for that dinner plans to end up in your bedroom? If your answer is yes, then there are some things you will have to get done in order to transform your bedroom in the perfect action-place. Here are 5 ways to spice your bedroom up and have the sex of your life.

1. Clean up the mess

Wait, we are not saying that you have to go through all your stuff. Just organize your crap in a closet or temporarily move it to another room. Seeing a pile of paper you have to read for school or work is definitely a mood killer. Try to make your bedroom as bare as possible.

2. Be selective with your bed heads

Nice bed heads can completely transform the look and fell of your bedroom. And as you may know, there is a variety of designs and sizes of bed heads for sale available out there, which makes finding the perfect fit for your bedroom a quite easy task. But, if start looking for bed heads for sale is not in your plans right now, there are some ideas that you can use to create a bed head that can enhance the look of your bedroom such as using a float dresser or an area rug as a bed head.

3. Get the right lighting

Let’s be honesty: no one likes to have sex under an unflattering light that is way too clinical. However, having sex in the dark is a sign of insecurity. Dimmers represent a great yet inexpensive way to create the right light setting that will make you and your partner to feel comfortable with. If you think that you have the confidence and irony to place candles around your bedroom, do it. Candlelight is sure the most flattering light setting.

4. The Sheets make the whole difference

Are you an adult? Then you should have a set of nice, high quality sheets. A real adult with a real sex life needs a set of really nice and soft sheets. Remember, your bed should be as inviting as possible.

5. It takes two

While your bedroom is not a hotel, but you should do whatever you can you make it comfortable for a second person. Feng Shui specialists suggest getting two of everything – two pillows, two towels, two candlesticks, etc., to make sure your partner will have everything he/she needs.

Extra tips:

  • Leave a window open during the day for fresh air in the room.
  • Essential oils like Rosemary and Bergamot are known to be aphrodisiacs. Put a few drops at the base of your candles.
  • Choose some nice music to play. Music is a great mood buster.
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