Is Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Better Than The Real Wood

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

Have you ever dreamt of having wooden floors? But wood means very expensive. And unfortunately not many of us have been blessed with high-paying jobs. This does not mean you cannot have nice floors though. Vinyl flooring is your best option. And why not use an imitation of wood if that makes you happy. You can install wood vinyl in whole house for the price of installing wooden floors in just one room. It is outrageous.

Vinyl floor is your solution to make your dream come true. Yes, vinyl flooring is cheaper than the real wood, but just because there’s a difference in the price, does not mean it’s not durable or that it will not look great in your home. Here are just few advantages of wood vinyl you too can take advantage of.

Easy-On-The-Pocket Prices

Vinyl floor is great for your budget as it is affordable. The price per square meter can be twice as lower compared to the price of wood. Moreover, it’s inexpensive to install compared to other types of floors. In most cases you don’t need to hire a professional, you can install wood vinyl yourself.

Great Durability For The Money

As a highly durable material, vinyl is tough. The quality of the material you buy does matter, but in general, vinyl floors have a long lifespan offer high level of durability and long-lasting performance. Even though wood vinyl floors are artificial composite floors, they are softer underfoot thus are more comfortable to stand on when compared to stone and marble tiles for example. Also, vinyl is resistant to wear, stains and scratches as well.

Easy To Clean

Sweep the dust and mop to remove the stains. Simple as that. The best thing about vinyl floors is that they are very easy to clean. You can use disinfectants to clean vinyl floor without damaging it, but in general all you need is a bucket of warm water and few drops of dish detergent. Vinyl floors are water resistant and bacteria resistant (do not have many seams for bacteria to hide in). Hence, they are great solution for people with asthma, or those who suffer from various allergies.


Aesthetics is the biggest advantage of the wood vinyl floor because it comes in a wide variety of designs, from oak, mahogany, Brazilian walnut to elm, there is a design that can match your home interior and your preferences. You can also choose your size of design (small, medium, or large) and gloss.

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