How to Introduce New Decor Touches Into the Design Scheme of Your Home

Whether yo want to refresh the look of your living space, or maybe you want to give your home a complete makeover, stylish decorations are the things that make every interior design unique and beautiful. With a little creativity and the right choice of home decor pieces you can turn your home from simple and dull into a chic abode for relaxing with your family and hosting guests in style. Before you begin with your creative décor project, it would be useful to learn some decorating rules that can help you prepare you living space for a fancy makeover.

A clean and organized room is the perfect canvas for introducing new décor touches into your design scheme. So, the first you need to de-clutter your living space and get rid of any old decorations that look worn out and instead of beautify only ruin the look of your home. The most important decorating rule is to find the focal point of the room your decorating and choose home decor pieces that compliment it. This can be a large picture window with a nice view, a colourful accent wall or a fireplace. Whatever the focal point of your room may be, make sure to avoid adorning it with too many decorations since this can make the living space look over the top and tedious.

Another decorating rule worth knowing is the the rule of odd numbers. It’s based on the idea that details arranged in odd numbers that differ in either height or shape will give visual interest to the space. For instance, three decorative bowls in different sizes or five candle holders in varying shapes. Ornate trays, bowls and candle holders are all classic décor touches that can enhance the beauty of any home. But, few things can refresh the look of any room and add a splash of colour to the space as vibrant plants wonderfully arranged in decorative pots and planters.

There are many gorgeous house plants that are require little maintenance, some of which include succulents, Aloe, Snake plants, Pothos, English Ivy and the list continues. Plant one of these in a stylish planter and you’ve got yourself a wonderful décor piece to dress up your coffee table, nightstand or chest of drawers. Home decor pieces not only beautify your furniture but can also make the space look and feel more homey and inviting and fluffy cushions have that purpose. They not only make your sofa more comfortable, but they also evoke a homey and relaxing ambience that simply invites you to stay in and enjoy your stylish and cosy abode.

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