How Saunas Work & Types of Saunas

Have you ever wanted to just sit back and relax, forget about your worries, stress, problems and even time itself ? Well there is just one simple step to enter such a haven, visiting a sauna.

Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss

Saunas can have a therapeutic effect, but not only on our minds, on our bodies as well. Sweat is not healthy for out bodies, so letting it out can have a loud of health benefits. Some of which include improving your endurance, strengthening your heart and detoxification from lactic acid, sodium and urine acid.

There is a big array of sauna types, each using a different type of method to achieve high temperatures, making them all diverse and unique. I will name and explain the most popular types, but this is by far not a complete list.

Wood Burning Sauna

This is the most traditional way of taking a sweat bath, and the closest you can get to the first Finnish saunas. To heat this sauna wood is burned to heat the rocks with a wood-burning stove, the temperature can be controlled by controlling the rate of burn of the wood. With the perfection of the stove’s design, today’s wood burning saunas are safe and carefree. Allowing for a chill, laid back experience.

Electrically Heated Sauna

This type of sauna heaters has been available from the 1950’s and almost all of today’s saunas use electric heathers. With the new, modern options of stylish wall mounted panels electrically heated saunas a becoming a hit. They offer a safe, easy to use, efficient display of heat, time and duration.

Manufactured Sauna Rooms

Both electrically heated and wood-burning sauna rooms are available as pre-cut lumber kits. The type of wood that is usually used includes: Pine, Aspen, Nordic White Spruce and Alder.

Steam Room

While it’s not really a sauna, steam rooms have similarly the same effect. They are modelled by Turkish baths and the enclosure is made from waterproof materials like ceramic tile and stone. The temperature compared to a sauna is much lower at only 50oC at max.

Infrared Room

Same as the steam room, this is not really a sauna, it would best be describes as a ‘heat therapy room’. They are based on radiant heat, this means that the emitters project the heat directly to the person instead of heating the air around them. This rooms doesn’t use any rocks, wood, steam or other method, it only uses infrared waves. Most people use the infrared sauna for weight loss, but it is also used before and after sports to relax the muscle tension.

Honourable Mentions

Roman balneae and thermane, Turkish hammam and the North Americans native sweat lodge.

So when it comes to variety, you get it from saunas. You have a choice to go to infrared sauna for weight loss or steam rooms for a lower temperature relaxation and tranquillity.

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