Guidelines for Choosing the Proper Safety Gear for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is fast, enjoyable and very popular with kids, youngsters and young adults. Undoubtedly, it is cool, hip and there is a rebellious attitude related to its nature. However, it is also dangerous if you don’t have the right protective gear. You can easily get hurt and while scrapes and bruises are not that serious, sprains and broken bones can really impede your everyday routines. Therefore, protecting yourself with the proper gear is essential. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Protection for the Head

In order to prevent common concussions and head injuries when you accidentally fall and slam your head against the concrete, you should wear a helmet. In fact, it is mandatory to wear one since head injuries could lead to severe damage to the brain which sometimes they may be even fatal. There are different types for different purposes but, the most important is to check if there is a sticker on the inside saying that it meets the skateboard helmet standards. They should be replaced every five years or when it is advised by the manufacturer as riding with a worn out helmet is the same as riding with none. A quality helmet should be made with a hard but pliable plastic shell lined with foam padding. Today, there is a choice of a hard-foam helmet which offers a more structural support but needs to be replaced after a serious impact. The hard-foam inner shells are made from ethyl polystyrene which disperses the shock of an impact over the helmet in case of an impact.

Protection for the Knees

Knee Pads are essential as bruises, cuts and scrapes are a very common type of injuries, especially around the knee area. Impact knee pads come to the rescue when trying out new tricks or riding on the vert ramp. Skaters can even bail and slide on them to avoid friction burns and other serious injuries. That is why impact knee pads need to fit perfectly to the knee and be flexible and comfortable so that they don’t impede the movements. Also, they need to be constructed of ultra-high strength ballistic nylon with double stitching for durability and to have super thick caps. You can also check if there is a layer of duo-density foam as it will give extra protection from impacts.

Protection for the Elbows

For protecting the joints on the arms, elbow pads are a must. They are particularly practical when skating on vert ramps and for the same purpose as the knee pads, to protect from friction burns to the skin and clothes. Elbow pads need to be lightweight so that they can provide flexibility and easy movement. Additionally, they should have extra thick padding for the balance of the cushion and protection during hard impacts.

Protection for the Wrists

Wrist guards are important to protect the wrists from twisting up. Also, they prevent bruising on the palm and are more suitable for skaters who usually fall more on their hands and for beginners who have yet to learn how to fall properly. Wrist guards can be found as a straight wrist protection, a partial glove or a full glove which provides protection for the fingers as well.

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