Gorgeous Coffee Table Style Ideas to Adorn your Living Room

Nothing can brighten up your home like new furniture pieces. Speaking of which, when it comes to adorning your living room, a new coffee table is always a good idea as it is an affordable option that can truly perk up your space. Be it made of wood or glass, or be it modern, vintage or industrial style, a coffee table is a way to go. Coming in different colours, sizes, shapes, models and material, coffee tables are the right way to add something new to your living room, especially if decorated on the right way.

Coffee table

Since there are lots of manufacturers on the market offering coffee tables, we suggest you stick to the reliable and trusted ones that will provide you with exceptional quality and style as well. In order to help you spruce up your home, we have decided to share with you some stylish ideas about how to decorate a coffee table and make it look fancier.

Mini Tray & Candle Sticks

Nothing can give a coffee table more charm than a tray. Depending on the size of the table choose a tray (you can go for a mini one) and place a small bouquet and some statement candlesticks. The unique tray adorned with these things will delight everyone’s eye and will add a positive vibe in your living room.


Stacked Books

If you are a book lover, we suggest you again to rely on a tray (choose one that will meet the overall room design) and adorned it with your favourite books for this month. The best thing is that you can easily place the remote control next to them without being the centre of attention.

Two Coffee Tables

Instead of a larger one, pick two smaller sized coffee tables. You can adorn the first one with a nice eye-catchy sculpture and a vase placed on a book while on the second one you can place a tray with different sized small vases. This will break up the dullness in the room and will give it a completely new dimension.

Personal Pieces

If you are a lover of unique stuff, we suggest you place some of them on the coffee table in your living room. For example, if you love to paint, you can show off your calligraphy brushes next to your favourite book and the inherited magnifying glass from your grandfather.

Glass, glass, glass….

If you are in love with glass vases, glass candlesticks and everything related to glass, you can easily match it with your favourite magazines. For example, place a tray at the centre of the table and adorn it with your favourite magazines, a bell jar cloche and a nice flower underneath. This will add and amazing effect and charm to both your coffee table and room.

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