Funny Prank Call Ideas That You Must Pull Off

There is something utterly interesting and extremely fun in making prank calls. Is it because you get a random or dear person to listen out your prank you’ve been making up the whole day or is it the awkwardness, embarrassment and discomfort that the call receiver experiences? No one can tell for sure, but one thing is certain – prank calls are nothing but a joke that should not be taken seriously.

Prank Call Ideas

Pranking a friend or a random person can easily turn a mundane day into a fun day. To execute a prank call correctly, all you need is creative thinking, natural human wit and a prey. Your prey could be anyone: your dad who doesn’t give you enough money for the weekend, your incredibly annoying friend or a completely random person whose number you’ve found in a newspaper.

But don’t take prank calls for granted; they are art. Prank calls require a serious approach and correct execution. A good executed prank call could make you and your friends laugh for days. You have a prank victim in mind but are lacking a prank call idea? We hear you. Invite your friends over and try each and every one of our funny prank call ideas. Let the fun begin!

“But you called me”

This prank call requires of you to be deadly serious. It may not seems like overly exciting prank, but it does have potential to be one of the best prank call. You, the prankster, call a friend or a random person and insist on finding the reason why they called you. The rage of the call receiver increases as the seconds go by and you’re still on the line. The call may last really long, especially if you call a stubborn person or a person with a little extra curiosity.

“You need to include fast food in your menu, Chinese people.”

If you want to really get someone mad, find a Chinese restaurant in your city and call them. When they answer your call and ask for your order, instead of ordering Chinese food, order yourself some American fast food, like a burger or pizza. But of course, they will explain that they don’t make any burgers nor pizzas and that’s exactly the moment you are waiting for. Go ahead and tell them why they MUST include fast food in their menu. Their restaurant is on American soil after all.

“Congratulations! You won a car!”

If you have the ability to mimic any kind of voice register, this is just the right prank call for you. We all know a person who believes that they are born under a lucky star and plays lotteries. Well, it’s time for them to see how it feels like to actually win, at least for a few seconds. Play some dramatic music in background and use an enthusiastic voice to tell them they won a car. Play it cool for as long as you can and if they swallow the bait, you’ll have something to laugh about for days or maybe even months.

“Sorry, I know I don’t know you, but… how was the Earth formed, what are we, the humans?”

If the goal of your prank call is just to annoy someone, there’s no better prank call than starting a conversation on a serious, deep matter. The creation of the Earth, life after death, the human immortality and life on other planets are some incredibly great ideas that can really make the call receiver wondering if you are feeling okay.

“Boss, it’s done. Buried without a trace.”

Attention: this prank call is not meant for faint-hearted people, because it is incredibly creepy and very rough. Seriously, if you don’t scare the shit out of your friend, that’s because he’s already passed out. To execute this prank perfectly, you should whisper, with a scared and a little trembling voice. You can say something like “Boss, it’s done, as you asked. The body was buried without leaving a trace.”, which applies to that you’ve asked for some body to be burned and even warned them not to leave a trace.

A quick disclaimer for the end: Don’t blame us if anything happens to your friend; we just provided you with ideas to kill boredom.

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