Fun Ways to Accessorise Your Work Uniform

Corporate uniforms can serve a number of purposes. In some cases, they’re practical for certain lines of work while in others they are meant to embody the identity of a brand. Uniforms can also be used to direct attention away from fashion and towards something more important. Regardless of their purposes, nowadays corporate uniforms are no longer just a uniform. The boring uniform game has shifted and companies are now investing in their team ensuring they represent the brand.


If you are designing a uniform for your company, keep in mind that it isn’t always about a structured uniform that’s put in place. Sometimes, it’s about having a clear corporate dress policy and ensuring staff is on point every day. Accessories are a great way to enhance a corporate dress code as well as add some subtle branding. Here are some of the ways you can enhance your uniform.


Ties are a great option for accessorising a men’s classic shirt and if they are custom ties they can also help put your brand in front of your customer’s face in a decorative manner. Your brand’s colour, logo and patterns can all be incorporated into a customised tie. Another benefit of this accessory is that you have plenty of ties to choose from. While you could choose a standard tie, you shouldn’t hesitate to add some flair as long as the ties reflect the atmosphere and vibe of your brand.


When selecting what kind of tie to include with your uniform, consider the attributes of your staff. For example, if your staff is composed of mostly younger workers, it might be more convenient for them to wear ties that have already been tied beforehand to avoid issues with tieing a tie. However, depending on the setting, these types of ties may look out of place, particularly in prestigious locations like a five-star restaurant.

Skinny ties are one of the latest trends on the market. These cool ties great fit for a themed restaurant or a hotel that attracts many younger adults guests. Bow ties can either be formal or festive. For example, a waiter at a five-star restaurant can pair one well with a tuxedo, but they can also be used to add personality to your employee uniforms.

When it comes to uniforms for men and women, different sets should be considered. Often times, the changes can be simple as swapping pants with a skirt. Another popular substitution is to exchange the long tie for a floppy bow or a crossover tie for women’s uniform. These changes replace the traditionally male accessory with something a little more feminine without sacrificing too much consistency in the look.

Tie Pins and Cufflinks


Image the impacts of a beautifully engraved tie-pin complete with your logo. Although subtle, this accessory can really add some interest to your uniform. Gold, bronze or silver – any colour looks good against a great tie. You can even consider matching the tie pin with custom cufflinks too. Making branded cufflinks is a subtle yet bold way of customizing your uniform.



A corporate scarf is another option to add some flair to your uniform. In addition to brightening up a neutral colour palette, scarves can also create an overall sense of professionalism and elegance.

For your company, adding a branded splash of colour to your uniform helps reinforce your brand look. For your employees, having the ability to customize their work look can be a fun and exciting way for them to prepare for each day, while also reminding them that they are part of a team. This feeling of support not only helps lift their morale but also foster better execution of their work itself.

When it comes to choosing the colour or style of scarves, there is no right or wrong. A safe choice, however, is to choose striped styles that match your company colours. Sometimes a solid scarf in just the main colour works better tough. Just like with ties, the main consideration for colour and style is not to let the accessory to become the only part of the uniform that’s noticeable. It should complement the other garments, not overpower them.



One innovative way of tying together a uniform’s look is with engraved belt buckles. Belts are essential accessories for men but they also work well for women over the top of a dress for example. For a pop of colour, work with colours to create a thin belt for women or men.

With the right uniform and proper accessories, you will finally eliminate dress code hassles. Your employees will know they’re always appropriately dressed and you won’t have to deal with sensitive dress code issues or morale problems anymore. For convenience, choose a company that offers a variety of uniform and accessory options. Some workers may need short sleeves and lightweight fabrics to feel comfortable while others may prefer long sleeves and heavier fabric. Being able to choose from different fabrics, styles and sizes to fit your employees need and job duties will keep your team comfortable while still presenting a unified, personal image.

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