How I Found The Best Screen Replacement Crew

Tablets, something my kids cannot function really. I remember the good old days, when kids played outside, inventing grouse games, that are remembered till’ this day. Right, there is no escaping that reality anyway. So, after hours and days of nagging I had to do something. Their cousins got one for a present, so there was no escape! I bought them a surface Pro 3 and what an ace of a tablet it is! However, like all things nothing is perfect. The screen did get broken, the biggest bodgy part of the tablet. The tablet is cactus and I needed to find a Surface Pro 3 touch screen replacement service. Ah the the bother! So, after a while I did find a good repair crew so I get my Surface Pro 3 touch screen replacement, as fast as possible!

Surface Pro 3 Touch Screen Replacement

I was so satisfied by the work did by the boiz that I am going to share my experience. Firstly, when I contact them, they were frank, if the screen is too much damaged I better buy a new tablet. I really, appreciate honesty, especially when I am paying good money for the services I am getting. So, they were close to my home and I decided to go visit them myself. I brought the devices and watched how they finished the repairing process. Ah, I forgot to mention they informed me also, if the damage is too little, there is a special liquid that can instantly repair the cracks. However, the case was little brutal, if I think about it. My younger daughter Sara dropped the tablet from the second floor. It was still working but the screen was really damaged. One of the repair guys was a really bottling his blood’s worth with me and guided me through the process, like I was going to learn something (always hated technology).

So, he gently removed the protective casing of the tablet, before he got to the screen. In between there were a couple of screws and battery moving and finally the screen was off. Really bodgy quality there. Luckily, the new screen was a newer generation and was going to last more. They installed the new one, put the things together and everything was working fine on my Surface Pro 3. This is a real excellent service!

So, if you are still thinking about hiring a screen replacement crew, don’t think too much do it! Finding one is easy as always. Search the internet, find the ones that offer the best price and services, contact them and strike a deal! You will have your tablet and it will feel as a brand new!

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