Finding the Boots That Can Win You Over This Winter

One of the most common misconceptions about winter snow boots comes out from their look. Those of you who are new to this usually get caught in the commercial marketing and designers trick which claims that any boot with a fuzzy trim or a faux-fur lining can keep your feet warm.

As we said, the truth is totally different, so when it comes to choosing the ideal pair of women snow boot there are some important things you need to take into account. Except for being comfortable, the chosen pair of women snow boot should be able to withstand the rigorous movements especially when skiing and hiking which means that you should be pretty careful when in the search for the right ones.

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Let’s get something clear from the very beginning, waterproofing is not the same as water resistance. The technical definition of water resistance is that a material is able to resist the penetration of water but only to a certain degree while waterproofing means that a material is impermeable to water. So, when it comes to buying winter snow boots, make sure you choose a material that is waterproof as this is the only way to be sure that your feet won’t get wet even when exposed to rain or snow for a long period of time.


Another thing to look in a boot is insulation. According to specialists, winter snow boots should feature thermal insulation, so the boot could be able to trap your body’s heat in order to keep your feet warm. Although natural material like wool is an ideal insulator, synthetic fleece or another warm material can also do the job in keeping your feet warm and comfy.

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No matter how beautiful and appealing the boots are if there is no traction, the chances that you will keep on falling every time you step on ice or snow are pretty huge. The ideal sole for winter boots is rubber or to be more precise vulcanized rubber with a pattern that can grip the ground and keep you safe and sound especially on ice.

Boot Fastenings

Different fastenings can affect how the boots should fit. For example, lace-ups can adjust to the shape of your leg while the zipper ones are great for getting them on and off quickly. You can also opt for pull-on boots as they are even faster for getting them on, just make sure you choose ones with elasticated panels in the sides. These are great and in fact a must-have for women with wider calves.

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