Find the Right Trolleys for Your Business

Nearly every business needs a way to efficiently transport and store their goods. This needs to be done safely, without putting the employees in danger. Trolleys have been used in wear houses restaurants and many other businesses for years. Over time many different types of trolleys where developed to suit different needs. Some businesses require their trolleys to transport very heavy loads, where as some might need a trolley that is shelf organized. Read on to see if any of these trolleys is suitable for your business.


Order Picking Trolleys

These types of trolleys are designed to help make picking and storing products and organize them at the same time. They are most useful when in where-houses, where there are many different types of products all in the same room. They have shelves of different sizes allowing you to separate and organize whatever products you are dealing with. They are useful for their multi-functionality; they transport and organize the products at the same time. They are most commonly made from steel and have various shelves layouts and move on swivel wheels.


Platform Trolleys

If you are in need of trolleys that can transport large, heavy amounts of products at once then the platform trolleys are the way to go. Their design is pretty simple they have a flat bottom and moves on swivel wheels. Their design may be simple but it is build from heavy duty materials that make transporting heavy products possible. It also is the go to trolley for where houses only for heavier products. Aside from their simple design and large weight capacity, platform trolleys can be smooth or have a no slip surface, depending on the need.


Upright Dolly

The upright dolly is very similar to the platform trolley the only difference being, instead of having a long flat platform they are tall with a short platform. They are essential for any business as they allow you to stack boxes on top of each other an move them. They don’t have the same weight moving capabilities as the platform trolleys, but they are practical non the less. Restaurants use them small businesses, basically any shop that needs to wheel in new products being delivered. For example, bars use them to wheel in their beverages packed in boxes.

Special Carts

Some times special carts are required to move things around. This is sometimes done in machine shops where they need to stack tires and move them. Their trolleys are custom made. The same is seen in garden shops, where they need to move fertilizers and plants, they have specially made plastic and wire mesh carts. The same can be said for many other fields especially in medicine. However these are special cases and are not so widely spread.

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