False Eyelashes: What Are The Types?


Even if you aren’t that big of a fan of makeup, truth is it can make you go from meh to fab in an instant, easily hiding away any skin imperfections or the signs of a sleepless night. As it happens, though, not all of us have the time we need first thing in the morning to spend it in front of the mirror perfecting our looks with makeup.

Luckily, there’s a solution that’s very much in style as it has been time and time again: false eyelashes. Often considered to be the finishing touch, it would make your eyes pop and define your looks to such a degree that you can afford to go with bare minimum when it comes to the rest of makeup.

What’s great about falsies is the fact they come in a wide range of styles, differing in sizes (length and density specifically) and materials, so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Best of all is, if you can’t make up your mind, you can find great deals of wholesale eyelashes, allowing you to customise your purchase and try out various types for different occasions to see which ones you like the most!


Lash Extensions

You can achieve fuller look with the help of individual eyelashes, ideal if you’re up for a more subtle and natural look with just the right dose of volume to make all the difference. Also known as individual single lashes, they are the go-to choice for women who have some gaps in their own lashes, as well as those who like to keep the falsies on for weeks without having to bother taking them off and putting them on again every day – yes, that’s how convenient they are!

Usually packed in a set of up to 30 or 60 strands, they come in different lengths so that you can highlight different areas of your lashes. Since they are individual, they don’t require that much adhesive like the other types of falsies do, which makes them really easy to apply without the sticky mess, and you can keep them on for as long as it takes for your natural lashes to grow – up to six weeks.

Cluster Falsies

Smaller than the individual ones, these falsies are in a cluster hence the name, but they’re also known as individual flare and are famous for being even easier to apply because of the design. The cluster are meant to be on longer than the lash strips, however in case you don’t want to apply them all over your lash lines, simply add them with tweezers on the outer corner of your eyes, coaxing them into the lash line, and you’d get the appealing cat-eye result that lengthens the eyes and lifts them.


Eyelash Strips

The most popular types of eyelashes over the decades, the strips are horizontal bands that consist of either faux or natural hairs like plastic, silk or even human hairs, created to be worn over the upper natural lashes, specifically applied over the lash line. Since there are different eye shapes, there are different types of eyelash strips to choose from, so you can add more to your wholesale eyelashes pack:

  • Doll Eye Shape
  • Staggered Eye Shape
  • Natural Eye Shape
  • Cat Eye Shape

What’s important to point out about them is, unlike the aforementioned individual types, they aren’t to be worn for days because they can cause irritation and even damage some of your natural lashes by weighing them down. To safely remove them, don’t pull them, but instead soak them with cotton pads with oil-based makeup remover for about 20 seconds to help loosen the adhesive.


Doll Eyes

This shape of false lashes is famous for the longer lashes in the middle of the eye, and shorter on the inner and outer corners. They’re great for making the eyes seem bigger, and while they’re suitable for women with almond and hooded eyes, they aren’t that ideal for round and protruded eyes.

Staggered Eyes

This shape of falsies is known as the messy one because it consists of both long and short extensions in the lash and it’s suitable for most eye shapes. They’re great if you want to add volume and get a somewhat more dramatic look.

Natural Eyes

As the name suggests, the false lashes in the natural shape are created to follow the pattern of the natural lash line. They provide a rather low-key look because they don’t make your eyes that noticeable as with the other types, and this is what makes them ideal for daily wear so if you’re looking for the subtle lash type to add to your wholesale eyelashes pack, this is it.

Cat Eyes

Women with round eye shape would do well with this option of lashes as the lash line goes from short to long lashes on the outer corner of the eyes and as such they help create longer, almond-shaped eyes. Mind you though, if you have upturned or downturned eyes, they aren’t the ideal choice for you.

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