Expert Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Throw Cushions

Decorating your home does not necessarily need to be expensive. If you are about to make some changes in your living room, but you are not sure what you can do, maybe you haven’t considered throw pillows yet. Those comfortable and soft items are the best way to elevate a house to a home. They have the power to instantly transform the room adding a touch of colour, style and texture. The wide choice of cushions available on the market means there is a perfect match for anyone, but also it means you may find a bit confused which ones are the right for you. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home using throw pillows.

Choose a colour palette

There should be one piece in the room that brings in a pop of colour. So, any other decor your choose it should highlight that piece without outshining it. The colour you choose should pull together all the elements in the room and help you create a harmonious and stylish look. Usually, living rooms are full of colours and patterns, including the colour of the walls, coffee tables or other existing decoration pieces. When you are selecting cushions based on the colours that are already in that room you are choosing pieces that can pull together all the existing colours making them complement each other, rather than work against each other.

Mix and match prints

Do not be afraid to mix and match styles and prints. For example, choose a cushion with a graphic chevron print, then throw few neutrals for balance and then to make standout and tie in most colours in the room, use a floral-print pillow. When looking to buy the right decorative pillows, make sure you think of them without the context of the entire room. This way you can create a visual picture of how some of these cushions flatter the white walls while others are flattering the carpet for instance.

Play with proportion and shape

When buying decorative pillows, there is no rule that you need to buy all of them with the same size, shape and style. Contrary, you are allowed to play with proportion and shape in order to create a more eye-catchy look. If you are ready to play with proportion and shape, you can choose a round cushion that can break things a little bit and pair it with traditionally shaped pillows placed on the sofa or the ottoman chair.

Think about symmetry

Once you get all the right pillows it’s time to think about how would you like to display them and make most out of your decoring potential. If you want to create asymmetry, arrange them in a way that looks more effortless and random. On the other hand, you can place them in a symmetrical way which is great if you are using throw pillows for your bedroom bed. If you use these cushions for decorating your bedroom, try to keep the sleeping pillows in the back and let the throw pillows take the centre stage.

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