Essential Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

If you are planning to open up your own restaurant, one of the main things that you should take good care of is setting up and stocking your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant. It’s the place where your chefs create all the exceptional meals to delight your guests and make them want to come back. Therefore, it’s indispensable to ensure that your kitchen is properly equipped with everything it needs. But what exactly does a commercial kitchen need? Here’s a list of the basics you need to cover.Equipment for Your Restaurant Must have

Commercial Dishwashers

After your meals have been prepared and cooked, and right after that enjoyed by your guests, what’s the next important thing in your restaurant that you should take care of? I think you know the answer very well – wash all the cookware, dinnerware, and the other tools and utensils. Keeping the dishes and glasses clean in the restaurant is essential if you want your business to thrive. After all, not only do dishes that weren’t washed properly leave a bad impression on your guests, but they can also cause food poisoning, which is the last thing you want.

The easiest way to keep all the kitchenware clean in a restaurant is by using a commercial dishwasher. Most restaurant kitchens need commercial dishwashers for proper sanitation and faster cleaning speed. A restaurant can easily run out of dishes and silverware during busy times, and having a high-capacity dishwasher for commercial use can ensure that your guests won’t be left waiting. Plus, these machines have more cleaning power, which means there’s reduced risk of contamination and food poisoning.

Commercial dishwashers are a lot bigger than standard residential ones. You need to pick a size that will meet your demands best and fit into the space conveniently.


At the heart of your restaurant kitchen is the commercial oven. The type of oven you’ll need, mostly depends on the type of restaurant you are running and the food you will be serving. There are different types of ovens that differ by size, quality and function. You can choose from convection ovens to rack, pizza, combination or conveyor ovens.

Refrigerators and Freezers

In order to keep the food fresh for as long as possible, you need quality refrigerators and freezers. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers to large walk-in refrigerators and freezers. If the restaurant you run requires plenty of food storage, and at the same time you have enough space in the kitchen – a walk-in cooler is what you need. On the other hand, smaller restaurants may not need a cooler of this size, and they will go for a single or double reach-in one.

Commercial Grill

Every commercial kitchen needs a grill, either gas, electric or charcoal one. We all know that the perfect steak or burger comes from a grill, or also known as a griddle. Hence, restaurants that cook lots of meats find grills essential. They come in different shapes, sizes, and types, thus, making it easy to find an option that will perfectly meet the needs of your business. The space you have available for a grill also matters while choosing one. For instance, if you have an outdoor terrace, you could opt for a commercial outdoor grill, otherwise, you’ll have to go for an indoor grill.

Ice Machine

When it comes to serving beverages, ice machines are also crucial here. They create ice and then dispense it into an ice bin. Ice is necessary for serving iced water and soda, or the guests themselves may sometimes ask for ice for whatever they’re drinking. Also, you may need ice to create blended drinks like smoothies, cocktails, or alcoholic slushies.

Cooking Equipment

As a commercial kitchen, it’s necessary to have plenty of cooking equipment. Sometimes, in rush hours, you may not have enough time to wash all the kitchenware. Therefore, make sure that you have ample amounts of the following items:
– pots and pans                                            – whisks                                 – tongs
– chef’s knives                                             – mixing bowls                        – sheets and roasting pans
– spoons for tasting or mixing                      – ladles
– towels                                                        – baking pans


How will a kitchen without a sink function? It just can’t. There are three main reasons for using sinks, and those are washing fruit and vegetables, food preparation and, of course, hand washing. In order to meet health and safety requirements, you will need different sinks for separate purposes. And depending on the number of kitchen staff, you will need more than one handwashing sink.


Any operation that uses heat in order to prepare food is required to have appropriate ventilation equipment. Proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen ensures the health and safety of staff, and also the longevity of the kitchen itself. Plus, ventilation is essential for a cool, controlled and clean kitchen environment. It’s beneficial for the improvement of air quality, removal of grease and odour control.

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