Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs: Kneel Your Way to a Better Day at the Office

Ergonomic kneeling chairs have been around for a long time now and they are a fantastic alternative to the standard office chair. Some people find that if they’re sitting down for long periods of time, they start to get a backache. A kneeling chair can help lessen lower back strain by sharing the burden of one’s weight between the buttocks and the knees.

In a conventional office chair, you sit at a 90-degree angle with your weight distributed across the buttocks and the back of the thighs. An ergonomic kneeling chair is designed to drop the thighs an angle about 60-70 degrees from vertical, position which distributes most of the body weight between the shins and knees and helps reduce strain on the lower back and maintain the core muscles engaged for a more active sitting position. Because ergonomic kneeling chairs put less pressure on the tailbone, they make a good option for people with Coccyx pain.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

If your work requires you to sit for long periods of time and this is causing you back pain, an ergonomic kneeling chair can be a solution to improve your everyday experience at work. Here is how it might help you.

Lessen Back Pain

People who have used ergonomic kneeling chairs have found themselves being able to work for extended periods of time without feeling fatigue and pain in their backs. This is possible because as the seat does not contain a high back rest, the upper-body is forced into a vertical, ergonomic alignment. With that, your vertebrae stack on each other and the muscles surrounding the spine doesn’t make much effort to keep you upright, allowing you to sit longer without the feeling ache in your back muscles.

Enhanced Comfort

Because the body weight becomes distributed between the shins rather than being totally supported by the buttocks, this offers a nice relief for people who spend a long time sitting at their desks. Plus, a quality kneeling chair will often feature a memory foam padding for increased comfort.

Better Posture

According to studies, people spend more than 70% of their waking hours seated. This is also the time where they practice their worst posture; they slouch, recline, and ergonomics is the last thing they think after a long day at work. Because the kneeling chair forces you into a vertical alignment, that 70% is spent in the right posture. Plus, this might lead you to practice this posture throughout the day when walking and standing as well. After start using a kneeling chair, you might find yourself standing taller and even more confidently!

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