Dog Deterrents: The Tools to Repel and Train Dogs

Life is just so much better with dogs because they truly are man’s best friends – we didn’t get to call them that without reason; they’re loyal, they’re protective and are the perfect company no matter the occasion, they’re happy when we’re happy, they’re comforting when we’re sad.

The problem arises when it comes to teaching your dog what’s allowed and what isn’t, because not every dog is the same, and while one is easy to get trained, another isn’t. This can go both for barking as well as for teaching the dog where to walk and where not to, like the porch as opposed to the parking lot.

If you don’t have the budget to get the help of a professional, the solution is to count on the help of technology in the form of devices, such as the dog deterrent. Considering the wide range of deterrents available for sale, you can choose based on the price as well as features you’re looking for.

For example, there are those types of dog deterrent that double as activity trackers too and can be useful when it comes to bark training also. Then of course the ultrasonic deterrent that’s ideal protection from aggressive dogs that startle you when you’re jogging, walking, cycling or have unfriendly neighbour dogs that bother both you and your dog.

What’s great with these deterrents is they’re created to be easy to use, some in fact even provide convenience by being compatible with smartphones thanks to the remote training feature functioning through apps whereas others allow you to customise them, i.e. the modes, based on your dog’s temperament.

Likewise, as in the case of ultrasonic deterrents, you get to act fast without panicking much, repelling dogs with the click of a button. Let’s face it, when an aggressive dog approaches, it’s easy to panic and not know how to act, so instead of staying calm you could make matters worse by running away for instance, causing more aggression.

When you have a deterrent with you, you just press a button, send the dog away, and move along with your activity. In case you’re wondering whether they’re safe to use, the deterrents are humane for people and dogs alike.

The sound they produce is in a low frequency, it’s enough to annoy a dog and stop it from barking, moving where not allowed, teaching it how to be obedient, when to sit or be quiet, all this without causing any hearing damage.

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